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If you’re looking for ways to have the best relationship of your life, then look no further. Just read on and see what you can do to increase the intimacy in your relationship and how to strengthen it. Maintaining a healthy and happy relationship is not easy. You have to put a lot of work into it, you need to have patience and you must be willing to make a few compromises. Sam Keen once said that “We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.” and he couldn’t be more right! Here are some efficient ways to have the best relationship of your life:

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Good communication is the key to every happy and loving relationship. In my opinion, this is definitely one of the simplest ways to have the best relationship of your life. Learn to communicate more efficiently and tell your partner how their actions affect you. They can’t read your mind, so unless you tell them what you want or what makes you happy, they can’t fulfill your desire. Compliment your significant other more often and tell them how important they are to you and how much you love them!


Be More Empathic

Try placing yourself in your partner’s shoes and see things through their eyes. Be more empathic and look at things from their perspective. Sometimes, when you’re having an argument, you might even realize that they are right and that you are actually wrong and if this is the case, you should apologize and try to make things better again. You don’t have to agree will them, just try to understand them better and accept their opinions.


Cherish Your Connection

Always cherish what you two have, since it’s a very special thing. Don’t take your relationship for granted and don’t feel too comfortable when you’re around your partner! Honor what you have and value your connection. Always try to make your better half happy and support their hopes and dreams!


Laugh Together

Don’t forget to laugh and don’t forget to have fun, especially with your significant other! Don’t take things too seriously and simply unwind every once in a while. Do things both of you love and simply relax and enjoy each other’s company. You do know what they say: couples that laugh together, stay together.


Give Attention to Your Relationship

Always give enough attention to your relationship! Make time for each other, don’t take that special thing you two share for granted and nourish it every day, just like you do with a plant. Plants are beautiful but they do need to be watered every day and they do need your attention in order to stay healthy and happy. The same thing happens with your relationship. You just can’t ignore it and expect it to flourish. Just give it your attention and put some work into it and it will surely blossom in no time.


Support Each Other’s Dreams

Always be there for your partner, whenever they need you! Support their hopes and dreams and encourage them on a daily basis. No matter what their plans are or what they intend to do, be supportive. Even if you don’t agree with them or even if you don’t like their dreams, you should still encourage them. In a healthy relationship, you should be their biggest fan.


Set Realistic Expectations

When you’re in a relationship, make sure you have realistic expectations. Don’t expect your partner to be perfect because neither are you. We are all human, we all make mistakes but the important thing is to learn from them, so we can avoid making them in the future. Instead of looking for your partner’s faults, try to focus on their qualities and on those things that make them so special in the first place.


Solidify Your Friendship

Your partner should be your best friend, so always try to solidify your friendship in order to strengthen your relationship and to increase the intimacy between you. If you want to have the best relationship of your life, don’t neglect this aspect and grow your friendship with each other. Solidify your connection and build a solid foundation, so you can develop a deeper friendship and to become more attached to each other.


Appreciate Each Other!

The secret to a strong long-lasting relationship is to continue to appreciate your partner and to notice what a wonderful person they are every single day. Don’t neglect them or your connection and don’t take them for granted! Make efforts to regularly show your better half how much you love and cherish them, compliment them more often and realize how lucky you are to be with them.

There are a lot of things you can do to strengthen your connection and to have the best relationship of your life. Do you know any other ways someone can have the best relationship of their life? Do tell!


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Great article with typo. You don’t have to agree will them, just try to understand them better and accept their opinions. Pops, think you meant with them.

Love these! Looks like the girl I'm talking to are on the right path but this we already knew after 3 days... Haha

all of these are totally true. take it from a gurl who has been with get boyfriend for 5 years now ha.

I love it

loved this article

Great article

I love the article :) so informative

Yess great idea :)

Great ! ❤️

Should say opps, darn auto correct

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