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There are a lot of reasons why you should date a guy who reads. Very few people now days read for fun, especially with all the smartphones, social media websites, and hundreds of TV stations. Have you ever wondered how do you judge a guy and how do you determine his worth or his strength of character? There are a lot of qualities that you should look in a man but there are a lot of traits that will tell more about the type of man than he is. Reading can tell a lot about a person and a guy who reads is a man with compassion, empathy and wisdom. He is basically a man who knows how to love and how to respect his significant other. So is your man a bookworm? Here is why he is a keeper:

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He is More Sophisticated

Men who read are usually more sophisticated than those who don’t. Reading helps people improve their perspective so this habit can result in higher intelligence, more composure and more patience. Men who read tend to enjoy more things like good wine, a good coffee or tea, comfortable furniture and mood lighting.


Reading is a great habit for anyone to have, but it can be especially beneficial for men. Not only does reading help to improve intelligence, but it can also lead to more sophisticated behavior. Men who read tend to be more patient and composed, and they enjoy more sophisticated things.

For example, reading can help to improve a man’s taste in food and drinks. Men who read may be more likely to enjoy a good glass of wine, a cup of quality coffee or tea, or a well-crafted meal. Similarly, reading can help to improve a man’s taste in furniture and home décor. Men who read may be more likely to appreciate comfortable furniture and mood lighting.

Reading can also help to improve a man’s knowledge and understanding of the world. Men who read are more likely to be informed about current events, politics, and social issues. They may also have a better understanding of literature, art, and music.


He is More Intelligent

Just keep in mind that when you read a lot, you learn a lot, so it’s only natural for people who read more often to be more intelligent. So even though your man reads a fantasy novel filled with elves of dragons, it doesn’t mean that they are not learning anything from it. People who read a lot of novels apparently have a better vocabulary than those who only read magazines.


He is More Creative

Creativity matters in every relationship, especially since after a few years, you have to be quite creative to surprise your partner so you can keep the spark alive. By reading, your guy will be inspired and all those stories might give them some ideas that they might not have otherwise. A bookworm will always find ways to keep things interesting, so you’ll never get bored when you are with them.


He is Curious

Men who like to read usually wonder about all sorts of things outside of their sheltered life. He just sees the world as a vast place that needs to be explored and his curiosity will enrich your life too since it will teach you more about what you want or need to be happy.


He Knows How to Read between the Lines

A man who enjoys reading will always know how to read between the lines, he will know how to pick up on clues and he will always understand what you mean when you say a certain thing.

Famous Quotes

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.

Bruce Lee

He is More Patient

Since reading a book takes time, a man who is busy can stay on the same book for weeks until they finish reading it. Usually, men who read have more patience, so they will be more willing to work out the problems you two might have in your relationship. They are more empathetic and more grateful for the wonderful things that they have in their life.


He Knows What Romance is Really about

A man who reads usually knows what romance is about since even fantasy novels have romances in them. The characters of the books they read will inspire them and they will know what they need to do to sweep you of your feet.

A man who reads knows how to take care of things, he doesn’t judge by first glance, he knows how to use his mind and his inner child is more alive. Do you know any other reasons why you should date a man who reads? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!


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I like this article!!!

Very great and fantastic relationship advice

I can attest to all if this! Great article

I love a man that reads

I wish. If my husband cracks open a book you are guaranteed to hear snoring within a minute :/

Corina, I LOVE this❤️I can attest that it is far better to judge a man by the size of his library than the size of his, well, you know! Thanks for posting against the grain, so to speak 🌟

I can attest to all of this if not more... Very useful article though.

This is all true. Though I'm not a guy. But I'm really attracted with bookworms. It's quite sexy, I thought.

I'm definitely in love with a bookworm; reading in bed together while he touches my thigh. Romantic & intimate without a shadow of a doubt.

Very great and fantastic relationship advice

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