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You don't need to have magical powers to figure out what your man is thinking. As long as you're perceptive, you can come close to reading his mind. All you have to do is pay attention to the small details and clues that he unknowingly gives you. Here are a few ways to read a man's mind so that you're never in the dark:

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Peer into His Pupils

Pay attention to his pupils if you want to know where he stands. When he sees something he likes, they'll dilate, signaling that he finds you attractive. When he lies, his pupils will look left. It's a great trick to see if your boyfriend is being honest with you.


The size of pupils is a reliable indicator of a person's emotional state. When a man is excited or aroused, his pupils can dilate up to four times their normal size. On the other hand, when a man is anxious or lying, his pupils will shrink and look left. This is a great way to tell whether or not your man is being honest with you. Additionally, it's important to note that pupil dilation is also affected by the amount of light in the room. If the environment is too bright, his pupils may not dilate as much as they would in a dimly lit room.


Watch His Words

Even if he doesn't blatantly tell you what he's thinking, you can figure out what's going on in his mind by listening to the way he speaks. You know how you use the words "fine" and "whatever" when you're mad? Well, he'll do the same--and if you know him well enough, you'll be able to detect the slightest changes in his tone when he becomes upset.


It's important to pay attention to the words your man uses when speaking to you. If he's mad, he might use words like "fine" and "whatever" to express his feelings. Also, look out for changes in his tone when he's upset. These subtle changes can reveal a lot about what he's thinking and feeling. In addition, observe his body language. If he crosses his arms or avoids eye contact, he could be feeling defensive or uncomfortable. Finally, try to understand what he's saying by asking questions and actively listening. This can help you better understand what he's thinking and feeling.


Pay Attention to the past

Does your man have a habit of coughing whenever he lies? Does he bite down on his lip whenever he sees you do something cute? The more time you spend with a man, the more you'll get to know about him. After a while, you'll be able to tell what every little movement means.


Ask Him about It

If you're wondering if he's attracted to the new girl at work, don't come right out and ask him. Ask him subtle things instead, like it he enjoys working with her and what she looks like. That way, you can judge his answers and look at his body language while he gives them. You'll be able to get an answer to your original question without even asking it.


Find His Friends

Some men tell their buddies everything. So if you're talking to him at a party and his friends keep staring from across the room, it might help you more to pay attention to their reactions. Do they look excited whenever you touch the man's arm? Then he probably has a crush on you.


Step into His Shoes

Since men aren't all that different from women, you should be able to figure out what he's thinking before you even get a look at him. Did his friend just cancel plans? Did his boss just promote him? Put yourself in his situation and think about how you'd react. Chances are that he's reacting in a pretty similar manner.


Learn about Body Language

You can figure out pretty much everything you need to know by looking at a man's body language. If he's facing you, it means he's interested in talking to you. If he's touching his lips, it either means he's fidgeting from nerves or is thinking about kissing you. If he won't meet your eyes, then he wants out of the conversation. It's that simple.

Your man thinks about the same things you do, which is why it isn't really that hard to figure out his thought process. You just have to use a little common sense. Do you feel like you can read your man's mind or is he a mystery to you?

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I have to admit I have heard lots, but never that a man's pupils look left when he lies...since I never knew about it I have no idea whether it's true lol...seems to me #4 is somewhat self-defeating. By trying to extract information from your guy with those little questions, in my experience, you usually end up making yourself look insecure. And you will put him on the defensive. An altogether unwanted situation. How many times have you had a guy say to you, either seriously, or jokingly, "what are you trying to do, read my mind?" I agree with Denise: love hard; and with Daniel: trust is earned. 😉

Reading a man's mind is impossible seeing as they don't have one! (Cue evil super villain laugh as I am obviously kidding)

hey i need help... i like this guy.. we got into a rship .. things were complicated but no fights or anything.. we had ground rules like noone had to know.. not evn best friends.. and it was a tme bomb.. we were gonna break up anyway in a few months(mutually decided in the beginning itself).. i was feeling kinda edgy one day and asked him why we wer in this thing..he said, "cuz u luv me and i luv it that u luv me".... im having mixed feelings abt that line.... what do u think is happening?

Don't learn this the hard way love should always be freely given that's what makes it is earned! Got it?

Uh never mind there are two #3s... 😂oops

... bring beer and show up naked ...

Where's #2?

This sounds simple, but unrealistic. We can only control what we can, and hope we make good choices! Love IS blind... So love hard..

I tried stepping into my mans shoes before, they are way too big, oh well darn guess I'll never find out what he's thinking (insert eye roll here)

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