Simple but Meaningful Traits of Every Good Boyfriend ...

By Holly

Simple but Meaningful Traits of Every Good Boyfriend ...

There are important things a good boyfriend should do for you. He doesn't have to wait on you hand and foot, but he should always be willing to make you happy. Of course, you should return the favor so that your relationship is not one-sided. If you're wondering if you're in a healthy relationship, here are some of the things a good boyfriend should do for you if he truly cares about you:

1 He Cheers You up

When you're upset, what does he do? He should know you well enough to decide whether you'd prefer him to sit down and listen to your complaints or if he should blast your favorite song. One of the important things a good boyfriend should do is learn the correct way to make you smile so that you're hardly ever sad.

2 He Supports You

If you want to be an actress, and your boyfriend doesn't support you, then it's going to be difficult to maintain a healthy relationship. You need to spend your life with someone who supports everything that you do, and will never leave your side. If he doesn't believe that you should be chasing after a certain dream, then his negativity will impact you. You don't want his doubts to rub off on you, and ruin your future.

3 He Voices His Affection

Even if he constantly proves his love with his actions, it's still important for him to articulate his feelings. It's nice to hear someone tell you how much you mean to them, even if you already know how they feel. Words can mean a lot, so don't underestimate the importance of uttering those three little words.

4 He Remembers

No matter how bad his memory is, he remembers important things about you. He remembers the date of your first kiss. He remembers the smell of the perfume you always wear. He might forget some little things every once in a while, but he always remembers the important stuff.

5 He Makes You Laugh

He knows your sense of humor and caters to it. That means he's able to make you laugh, even when you're trying not to do so. He loves seeing you smile, so he'll take every opportunity he can to make it happen.

6 He Predicts Your Meals

He knows exactly what you like, which is why he could order your food at a restaurant if he needed to do so. He knows what you like on your hamburgers and what you can't bear to stomach. When he's cooking for you, you don't have to worry, because he'll never disappoint. He just knows you too well.

7 He Thinks about Your Future

You can both imagine a future together, which is why your boyfriend thinks ahead. He might ask you what you'd want your house to look like in the future or wonder what your favorite baby names are. He can picture being with you forever, so he makes sure that he knows exactly what you're looking for in life.

While all of the aspects listed are crucial, the most important thing a good boyfriend should do is make you happy. As long as you love being around him, and he makes you feel good about yourself, he's doing his job. What's the sweetest thing that your boyfriend has ever done for you?

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