The Biggest Misconceptions about Love πŸ’•πŸ’”πŸ’˜ Girls Should Never Believe πŸ€” ...


You have to watch out for lies about love that people try to teach you. Everyone has their own theories about emotions, but not all of them are true. There are plenty of lies about love that have been spread, even though they make no sense. Here are a few of the biggest examples:

1. It's Obvious

When you're in love, you'll know that you care about the person. You'll know that you enjoy being around the person. However, you might question your feelings for them. One of the common lies about love is that you'll be absolutely positive about your feelings. But love is a confusing thing. It's not odd to question if they're the person you're meant to marry. It's actually completely normal.

It's Easy


StylesbyFelicia Styles
True love does not come around multiple times, many people fall in love but never experience real love
Youmna Salem
Love is never easy. It takes time and patience
Brenton Hicks
Thank you
They're all unbelievable
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