The Biggest Misconceptions about Love Girls Should Never Believe ...


You have to watch out for lies about love that people try to teach you. Everyone has their own theories about emotions, but not all of them are true. There are plenty of lies about love that have been spread, even though they make no sense. Here are a few of the biggest examples:

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It's Obvious

When you're in love, you'll know that you care about the person. You'll know that you enjoy being around the person. However, you might question your feelings for them. One of the common lies about love is that you'll be absolutely positive about your feelings. But love is a confusing thing. It's not odd to question if they're the person you're meant to marry. It's actually completely normal.


It's Easy

Romantic comedies and fairy tales make love look easy. When watching them, you know that the two main characters will end up together, despite whatever hardships they go through. Real life isn't as simple. You never know when a fight will lead to a breakup that keeps you two apart forever. Being in love doesn't make you immune from fights. You're still going to have them, and they may lead to a breakup.


It's Rare

You might fall in love multiple times throughout your life. You're not limited to only loving one person. You might even love two people at the same time. So if you lose the love of your life, don't be afraid that you'll never find anyone else. You may end up finding someone you love just as much, so don't fret.


It's Forever

Even if you love someone with all your heart, it doesn't mean your relationship is meant to last forever. Some people care about each other, but aren't supposed to be together. If your relationship is an unhealthy one, you don't have to remain together just because you're in love. There are other factors you have to consider.


It's Effortless

Once you fall in love, you won't magically have an effortless relationship. Anything worth having is hard work to acquire and keep, and it's no different with love. You're going to have fights with your partner, and you're going to have rough patches. However, your love should help you find the strength to get through it all.


It's like Nothing else

Love is an amazing feeling, but your life isn't meaningless if you don't have anyone to love. There are plenty of other exciting things to do in life, like trying to land your dream job or trying to see the world. Your options are limitless, so don't be tricked into thinking that falling in love is the only thing in life worth doing. Enjoy your single life until the perfect person comes along.


It's Timed

Some people will fall in love after a week, and others will fall in love after a few years. There's nothing wrong with being the girl who falls in love easily, or the girl who takes forever to do so. Everyone is different, so don't be worried if your friends are finding love quicker than you are.

Love is an amazing thing, but the experience is different for everyone. Have you ever been in love before? What happened the first time that you admitted your feelings to the person?

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True love does not come around multiple times, many people fall in love but never experience real love

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