13 Most Romantic Movie Quotes to Dedicate to Your Special Someone ...


13 Most Romantic Movie Quotes to Dedicate to Your Special Someone ...
13 Most Romantic Movie Quotes to Dedicate to Your Special Someone ...

There's something about romance movies that gets me every time. I like to think it's me being an unapologetic romantic, but in reality, I think I'm like every girl who just wants a guy like in the movies. We all have our ideals about what love should be (thank you chick flicks!) but it never turns out like that because, well, that's not real life! But even so, here are some of the most romantic quotes, from our favorite movies, that we all secretly wish someone would say to us.

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"if You're a Bird, I'm a Bird."~the Notebook

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"but the You Who You Are Tonight is the Same You I Was in Love with Yesterday, the You I'll Be in Love with Tomorrow."~if I Stay

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“You Had Me at Hello” ~ Jerry Maguire

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“It Would Be a Privilege to Have My Heart Broken by You.” ~ the Fault in Our Stars

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"You Gave Me a Forever within the Numbered Days... and I Am Grateful." ~ the Fault in Our Stars

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“It’s like in That Moment the Whole Universe Existed Just to Bring Us Together.” ~ Serendipity

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“You Have Bewitched Me, Body and Soul, and I Love… I Love… I Love You.” ~ Pride & Prejudice

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“They Say when You Meet the Love of Your Life, Time Stops, and That’s True.” ~ Big Fish



“Choose Me. Marry Me. Let Me Make You Happy.” ~ My Best Friend’s Wedding

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“Everything I Have Ever Done, I’ve Done for You.” ~ Great Expectations

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“I Love You Very Much, Probably More than Anybody Could Love Another Person.” ~ 50 First Dates



" Give Me My Sin Again" ~ Romeo and Juliet



“I Wish I Had Done Everything on Earth with You” ~ the Great Gatsby

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