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Fab Tips for Writing the Perfect Love Letter ...

By Sici

I’m sharing these tips for writing the perfect love letter because it is an art we shouldn’t let die. There is no way that a text, a tag or a poke can ever replace the thrill of a handwritten letter.

The idea to write a love letter usually comes from a need to express high emotion and in following this impulse, you might just end with a rambling outpouring of words, failing to express what you truly feel. With these tips for writing the perfect love letter, you’ll be able to write a letter that is true to your heart and that is thrilling and charming for the recipient.

1 Use the Perfect Stationery

font, close up, shadow, writing, brand, Some of the magic of a love letter is in the stationery that you choose to write it on. Don’t just settle for a plain piece of A4 paper. Push the boat out and buy some patterned pages that make for something that you would want to keep and treasure rather than read and set aside. It never hurts to add a little bit of your favourite perfume to the page too! This is one of my favorite tips for writing the perfect love letter.

2 Find the Perfect Writing Spot

text, writing, hand, finger, font, It’s hard to think your most romantic thoughts when you are on a busy train home from work. Wait until you are in the peace and quiet of your own home before you start to write. You want the words to be as meaningful as possible, and you just won’t be able to concentrate if you are battling commuters and their briefcases!

3 Date It

mammal, snout, carnivoran, Always make sure to date the love letters that you send to your partner. If you send more and more, they become a physical timeline of the romance that you share, and it means that you can always put them in order if you ever wanted to make some sort of anniversary scrapbook.

4 Romantic Greeting

black, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, close up, Don’t start the letter in the same formal kind of way as you would start a work email. This is a love letter, its time to bring our the really endearing salutations like “darling’, “dearest” and anything else that you can think of. The more old fashioned the better!

5 Reasons for Writing

mammal, snout, carnivoran, Always begin the letter with your reasons for writing. Have you been laying in bed awake thinking of him? Do you miss him more and more each day? Did you see something today that reminded you of him? Let him know and set the scene for the rest of the letter.

6 Compliments, Compliments, Compliments

purple, close up, finger, sky, Don’t make yourself the primary focus of the letter. After the quick intro with the reason for writing, proceed to fill the rest of it with declarations of love and compliments for the recipient. After all, he wants to hear about how much you love him, not about what you have been doing today!

7 Strong Ending

black and white, text, photography, close up, hand, Make sure that the letter has a strong, romantic ending, because it’s the closing lines of the letter than the recipient is going to carry with him in his mind for the rest of the day!

8 Special Insert

product, customer, Include something special in the envelope along with the letter. Maybe a tea bag of his favourite flavour, maybe a pressed flower, maybe a photo of the two of you together. Just something extra to make it feel like a present!

9 Be Neat

finger, pen, hand, nail, close up, Let’s be real, nobody wants to open a love letter than looks like it’s been written by a 9-year-old! Keep your writing as neat as possible, keep the lines straight, and make sure that everything is spelled correctly! It’s not school, it’s much more important. It’s love!

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