7 Romantic Words to Use in Your Love Poems ...


7 Romantic Words to Use in Your Love Poems ...
7 Romantic Words to Use in Your Love Poems ...

There are so many romantic words to use in love poems, but it seems that these sweet psalms are having a hard time surviving during an era of emoticons and terse text messages. Don't let the art of pouring out one's heart die—give writing your own love poem a try. You don't even have to give it to your muse—it might simply feel good to let all those crazy feelings gush out. If you need a little inspiration, here are some romantic words to use in your poem:

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This is one of the most romantic words to use in a love poem. Use it to describe that intense, aching feeling you experience whenever you can't be with your lover. It's also perfect since it rhymes with "burning." However, you don't just have to "yearn." You can "crave," "lust," and "hunger" for your lover's touch.


This article, published on a women-focused blog in the category of love, discusses seven romantic words that can be used in love poems. The word "yearning" is highlighted as one of the most powerful and evocative words to convey the intense longing and desire for one's lover. It is suggested that this word can be used in conjunction with other similar words such as "crave," "lust," and "hunger" to further enhance the passionate emotions being expressed in the poem. The author also notes that "yearning" is a great word to use as it rhymes with "burning," adding a poetic element to the poem.



I love this one because it rhymes with another fun word containing the letter "Z"—your true love can be "tantalizing" (desired but just out of reach) if your love is unrequited. "Mesmerize" is also great because it rhymes with "eyes." Use the word to describe what happens when you get hypnotized by those beautiful eyes. And if you're feeling sexy, you might try rhyming it with "thighs." You can also find the object of your affection "enthralling" or "enchanting."


When your heart flutters and your mind is captivated, mesmerizing only begins to capture the essence of your adoration. Silkily entwining with verses, it's a lover's hypnotic spell enshrouded in syllables. Imagine whispering sweet nothings that evoke the magic of a siren's gaze, where each glance is a dance, leading you through a wonderstruck maze. The allure is intense, the enchantment deepmesmerize ushers in a dreamy leap. And let's not forget, it's the perfect partner in a couplet, a rhyme that can set hearts aflutter and fan the flames of passion's sonnet.



This is that euphoric feeling that you get when you're with the one you love. It rhymes with "capture," which is what you're trying to do to your lover's heart. However, it might be a bit too Biblical for some people. If you feel this way about the word, you might want to experience "ecstasy" or "bliss" whenever you kiss instead. But if "rapture" is good enough for Blondie, then it's good enough for me.


Rapture is a feeling of euphoria and joy that one experiences when in the presence of their beloved. It is often described as a feeling of being “swept away” or “lost in the moment.” This emotion is often associated with the romantic idea of being “captured” by one’s lover, and is often used in love poetry.

The term “rapture” is derived from the Latin word “raptus” meaning “to be taken away” and is often used in a religious context. It is used to describe a spiritual experience of being taken away to a higher plane of existence. In the context of love, it is used to describe an intense feeling of connection and passion between two people.

The term “rapture” was popularized by the song “Rapture” by the band Blondie. The song is about a woman who is taken away by a lover and experiences a feeling of bliss and joy. Since then, the term has become synonymous with a passionate and intense love experience.



Instead of having a daydream about your lover, why not have a more romantic-sounding reverie? It's one of those great extended thoughts that you get lost in whenever you can't stop thinking about your sweetheart. This is a really awesome romantic word since it actually rhymes with "Marry me." This makes it great for wedding vows and proposal poems. Other similar words are "fantasy" and "vision."


A reverie is more than just a fanciful daydream; it's a deep, passionate indulgence in one's feelings. Imagine the tender and vivid scenes that play out in your mind, bathed in the warm glow of love. It's as if every thought weaves itself into a tapestry depicting your shared future. With whispers of "reverie," you beckon your beloved into a world created just for two, a secret garden of the heart where every longing unfolds like the most delicate bloom. Use it to convey the depths of your affection and watch your love story flourish.



This is what those lips do whenever you get close to them. They can also be "enticing," "alluring," and "inviting." It rhymes with "reckoning," but you'll have to be kind of creative to make this word pairing work. I kind of like it because it makes me think of the word "beacon." And isn't your love a beckoning beacon that shines brightly from across the room?



Whenever you're with your sweetheart, you'll want to savor every second of your time together. Try rhyming this delicious word with "favor," "waver," or even "flavor." Loving is often compared to eating, so don't be afraid to combine the two pleasurable actions in your poem. If you want to include other food-related words in this literary feast, try "appetizing," luscious," or "delish." You can also "relish" your romance.



I like this word because it reminds me of "fever." Love can definitely make us feel all flushed and fiery. It rhymes with "observer" and "serve her" (now those are two words you want to see in a love poem from a guy). It's a great word to use in place of "passion" since it's a little more unexpected. Other similar words include "ardor" and "intensity."

So if you just can't handle all those feels, don't be afraid to try your hand at penning a poem or two—it would be a fun challenge to try to use all of the words above in your work. And who knows? Maybe you'll even muster up the courage to give it to the objection of your affection. So have you ever wooed a special someone by writing them a love poem?

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Thanks so much!!! I've been using the same old words in my poems to my Junior and I so needed so much more tantalizing words ... ;)

these are some good words

Let's see I have been married for 43 years so look for myvividimagination@creativeINFJ and you tell me

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