8 Romantic Gestures That Are Worth a Second Date ...


8 Romantic Gestures That Are Worth a Second Date ...
8 Romantic Gestures That Are Worth a Second Date ...

Ladies, what romantic gestures are worth a second date?

We all know chivalry is basically dead. Men struggle to pull out the romantic stops nowadays, but any one of these gestures are definitely worth giving the guy a second date. Whether he opens doors for you, brings you flowers, or doesn’t try to get into your pants the minute the check comes, these are romantic gestures that are worth a second date.

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Opening Doors

human hair color, girl, blond, darkness, song, From the minute your date starts, if there is a door that is opened for you, this is a great sign he has some manners. Let me tell you, a lot of guys don’t do this. Either he was raised right, or he believes in chivalry. Either way, this is one of the nicest romantic gestures to keep an eye out for!


Chivalry isn't dead; it's redefined. When he makes that small effort to ensure your comfort by holding doors, it hints at a gentle upbringing or a conscious choice to honor traditional courteousness. This subtle yet significant action speaks volumes, marking him as thoughtful and considerate—a keeper, by any modern standard. Remember, actions speak louder than words, and this silent communication of respect and care just might be the prelude to a beautiful partnership. Keep your eyes peeled for these small, yet telling, honorific gestures.


Picking You up from Your House

car, land vehicle, motor vehicle, vehicle, family car, How many times has a guy called you and told you to meet him out front? Have you ever had a guy pull up to your house and honk his horn to let you know he’s there? Have you ever just gotten the “come meet up” text? All these are signs you should probably not think very highly of this person. Try to call him out on it, and hope he changes for the next girl! If a guy offers to pick you up from your house, and comes to your door, you most definitely should go on a second date with him. This shows a lot of value just as a person.


Bringing You Flowers

yellow, plant, tree, flower, garden, Now this isn’t something that you will find happens very often, but there is that rare occasion that a guy will bring you flowers on a first date. He either is sensitive, extremely into you, or really wants to make a great first impression. Either way, this gesture goes a long way.


Paying the Bill

snapshot, girl, interaction, mouth, human, I cannot tell you how many dates a guy has expected me to pay, or to split the bill with me. Now, I am all for sharing tabs later on when dating someone, but the first few dates the guy should absolutely pay. Ladies, of course offer to pay. It is a nice gesture on your part, but if he actually takes your money, he does not deserve a second date at all!


Letting You Order First

food, eating, cuisine, meal, dish, Some women enjoy letting a guy order for them. It is definitely old school romance, but it isn’t quite my style. It is something to take note of as a chivalrous act though. I do enjoy letting the guy allow me to order first. Ladies first goes a long way. Usually it’s a sign he probably makes the same gesture in the bedroom. If he has good table manners, let him take you on a second date.


Not Groping You

red, fun, girl, recreation, product, Have you ever been on a date and the guy is non stop touching you? Not in the sweet romantic way, but in the, “I’m trying to get in to your pants as soon as possible” type of way. When a guy can go through the night flirting with you without making you feel like a piece of meat, that’s a great sign he has class. If at the end of the night he doesn’t go for the kiss, or keeps it really sweet and kind, it shows he cares and respects you. Definitely go on a second date with this one!


Calling after the Date

hair, human hair color, blond, beauty, girl, Have you ever had that moment after a date, when the guy calls you just to tell you he really enjoyed his evening? If you haven’t, wait for the guy that does. Following up after your date is a great gesture, and shows he’s really interested. He may even ask you out right then and there on your second one.


Making a Plan

photograph, person, black and white, nose, kiss, If you are going on a first date with a guy that you have to plan everything, skip any future dates. A guy should make a plan and surprise you with a nice evening. Whether that is cliche bowling, mini golf, or a movie, anything is better than putting the plans on you. Let him woo you! You deserve it!

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