7 Most Surprising Things That Men Are Attracted to ...


I don’t know a woman who doesn’t wish they could get inside a man’s brain to figure out the things that men are attracted to in a woman. There are some pretty standard items we all know men find attractive, like our physical appearance, our voices and accents, our character traits (including our morals and values). I am however thinking of those qualities that are a little bit more surprising, and qualities that us females wouldn’t necessarily think men find attractive. Below is my list of surprising things that men are attracted to.

1. Competitive Streak

One of the most surprising things that men are attracted to in women is our competitive streak. The majority of men are competitive, whether it’s with themselves, their siblings, friends, or work colleagues; it’s a simple fact that men’s brains are wired to compete. As a result, men typically want to be able to compete with their partner in some fashion. Even if it’s in a lighthearted way, men enjoy it when women can meet them halfway, play into their competitive side and somehow egg them on.



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