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7 Strange Things Guys Think Are Romantic ...

By Crystal

What we think of as romantic and the things guys think are romantic are often two very different things. I'm not the most romantic person, but even I've had to stop and wonder what some guys were thinking. The important thing to remember is their heart was in the right place. Still, some things guys think are romantic are just plain weird.

1 Watching Chick Flicks

Guys aren't exactly fans of chick flicks. Still, they make a big show of watching them with us. One of the most common things guys think are romantic ends up being anything but. The problem is they complain about it later. That takes the romance completely out of it. Finding a movie he knows you'll both enjoy is actually far more romantic.

2 Vacuuming

Is it really romantic that he pushes a vacuum around the house? Not really. It's nice that he's helping out, especially if you didn't have to ask. It's just not exactly what women think of when it comes to romance. To us, it's just a regular household chore. Somehow, guys think it's some highly romantic activity.

3 Keeping Gas at Bay

Odds are, if you've been with the same guy for a while, gas is just another part of your daily lives together. If he's trying to be sweet or it's a special occasion, he'll try to hold back. This is his idea of romance. Apparently, holding back noxious fumes after dinner is his way of saying “I love you.” Okay, maybe this one is kind of romantic, but it's still not what women usually have in mind.

4 Washing the Dishes

Unless he's also cooked dinner, washing the dishes is just another chore. It is fun to hang out in the kitchen together and clean up after dinner. However, making sure you see him washing the dishes is just sad. It shouldn't be something he does just to be romantic. It should be something he does just to help out.

5 Putting down the Toilet Seat

Listen to a group of guys sometime and you'll quickly discover they think putting down the toilet seat for their woman is highly romantic. While I appreciate the thought, it's not romantic to keep me from falling in the toilet. It's just common courtesy and part of living with a woman. Now, carrying us over a large puddle, that's romantic.

6 Making the Bed

When a guy is trying his best to be romantic, he'll probably make the bed. Somehow, he thinks this is both romantic and a great way to get you to join him in said bed. The act alone isn't exactly the top of our romance list. Now, if he's planning a nice massage on the bed, a foot rub or leaves your favorite chocolates on the pillow, he might just have this romance thing down after all.

7 Giving You Control over the TV

Guys absolutely love TV. I can see how they honestly believe it's romantic to let their girl control the remote for a while. To them, they're handing over a prized possession. Still, they probably do the same with their guy friends. It's nice to be able to share the tube, but it's not romantic. Taking the kids out and giving her some alone time to watch her favorite shows uninterrupted might be the more romantic option.

Don't think your guy's not romantic just because he doesn't do the things you believe are romantic. Odds are, all those little things he does are his version of romance. If you want something more, talk to him about it and let him know what romance means to you. What are some other strange things your guy does to make you fall for him all over again?

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