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7 Totally Okay Reasons to Say No to Sex You Shouldnt Feel Bad Saying ...

By Holly

You don't have to have sex every single time that your boyfriend claims he's in the mood for it. There's nothing wrong with turning him down. He might be upset about it for a minute or two, but he'll eventually get over it. If he doesn't, then he's not the right one for you. Remember that these are a few perfectly acceptable reasons for turning down sex:

Table of contents:

  1. You’re not in the mood
  2. You’re tired
  3. Your stomach hurts
  4. You’re mad at him
  5. You’re too stressed
  6. You have no privacy
  7. You don’t feel sexy

1 You’re Not in the Mood

You're not going to be horny 24/7. It's impossible, so don't feel bad if you aren't in the mood at the same time as your boyfriend. You don't owe him anything. Even if you two made out a bit and you gave him blue balls, it's no big deal. If he's upset about it, then he can go into the bathroom and take care of the problem with his own two hands.

2 You’re Tired

You don't want to force your boyfriend to do all the work, but that's exactly what will happen if you agree to have sex with him when you're tired. You won't be getting on top, moving your hips, or enjoying yourself at all. Your boyfriend should be happy that you decided to turn down sex instead of giving him what he wanted and creating a miserable experience for the both of you.

3 Your Stomach Hurts

If you're feeling sick, then you shouldn't have sex. Sure, if you have cramps or a headache, then an orgasm might make the pain go away. But orgasms aren't going to do anything for your stomach. In fact, if your stomach hurts, then sex might upset it even more, because your body is going to be bouncing around.

4 You’re Mad at Him

Angry sex isn't all it's cracked up to be. If you're pissed off at your partner, then you should wait until you two make up before you have sex. Sure, the sex might make you two forget that you were mad at each other, but it's not a healthy way to deal with your problems. If you don't talk things out, then none of your problems will ever be fixed.

5 You’re Too Stressed

Your mental state can impact the state of your vagina. If you're too stressed out, then you're never going to orgasm. You might not even get wet enough to enjoy sex. That's why you should get rid of your stress with another activity.

6 You Have No Privacy

If you're in a house filled with other people, like your parents or your roommates, then you probably won't want to have sex. After all, they could hear you moaning or your bed squeaking through the walls. If the lack of privacy freaks you out, then you can tell your boyfriend to wait until everyone leaves.

7 You Don’t Feel Sexy

You shouldn't be embarrassed about your body, because you're absolutely beautiful. Of course, there will be days when you'll feel extra bloated and self-conscious. On those days, you don't have to take your clothes off if it will make you feel uncomfortable. Do whatever will make you happy in the moment.

Don't be afraid to turn your boyfriend's advances down, because he won't mind. If he does, then you're with the wrong man. What other excuses are perfectly acceptable for turning down sex?

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