Surefire Tips to Make Him Want You Sexually ...

By Lyndsie

Surefire Tips to Make Him Want You Sexually ...

We all need some guaranteed tips to become sexually irresistible in our back pocket. The stereotype says that it's easy to make a man 👨🏼👨🏾👨🏿 want you sexually, but that's not entirely true. You have to let him know you're interested, for starters, so you have to find ways to telegraph that interest. 💕 You may also need to set the mood a little. 🛌 You'll know when the moment's right, and because different vibes work for different couples, you'll also have to follow your instincts a little. Here are some guaranteed tips to become sexually irresistible. They will serve as an excellent guideline to make him want you like crazy. 😍

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Set the Mood with the Lighting

Set the Mood with the Lighting Low lights, candles, open curtains letting in the moonlight – pick your preference and set the perfect tone.


Dress in Your Own Personal Brand of Sexy

person, human positions, sitting, writing, homework, You should wear whatever makes you look and feel like the sexy goddess you are, as opposed to wearing anything stereotypical or cliché – if you're not comfortable and confident, you won't feel sexy.


Music is Key

automobile, musician, musical instrument, piano, ESI, Whether you go with Al Green, soft jazz, or a thrumming hip hop beat, the music you choose can make him want you, too – especially if you move to it.


Use Innuendo when Talking to Him

facial expression, emotion, feels, really, good, Subtlety is sexy and wit is sexy, so innuendo has the potential to be very sexy indeed.


Use a Bit of Perfume to Entice Him

electronic component, finger, hand, toy, Wear a fragrance that flatters and spray it in all the right spots, especially over your pulse points.

Famous Quotes

If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.


Give Aphrodisiacs a Try

person, there's, food,, I'm, going, Even if they don't work at all, at least you'll get a delicious meal out of it.


All the Little Touches

person, black and white, hand, A caress here, a brush of fingertips there – he'll definitely be enticed.


Whisper in His Ear

Whisper in His Ear There's something so sexy about a breathy little whisper and the way it tickles the ear, don't you think?


Touch Yourself a Little Bit

person, photography, art, close up, hand, Touch yourself wherever you like, but it doesn't have to be between your legs – try your breasts, your neck, your face, your stomach, and your thighs, too.


If You Dance, Dance with Him

person, human action, sports, physical exercise, Especially if you have some arousing music playing because then it will be on.


Toy with Your Hair a Bit

clothing, hair, person, hairstyle, brown hair, That's a surefire bit of body language, especially if you maintain smoldering eye contact.


Kissing on the Neck Can Go a Long Way

person, woman, people, It can go ALL THE WAY if you know what I mean – which I'm sure you do.


Tug on His Ear with Your Lips

black, white, person, facial expression, black and white, Add some teeth in there, too, if you really want a result.


Press in Close Whenever Possible

clothing, person, black, human action, black and white, All the touching really helps, plus there's something so intimate about pressing yourself against someone else.


Run Your Fingers through His Hair

person, black and white, woman, human action, If you think playing with your hair is a sign, wait until you see what happens when he plays with your hair.


Indulge in a Passionate Make out Sesh

person, black, white, kiss, human action, This will get both of you going, to be honest.


Sit in His Lap

black and white, GWF, You can always try a more direct approach.

Better yet, you can just tell him you want him. How do you get a guy to want you?

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