Things Were Embarrassed about during Sex but Are Actually Normal ...

By Emily

Sex is fun. Sex is great. But sometimes, sex isn’t always our definition of sexy. There are a lot of things that can happen that may seem embarrassing, but don’t fret. They happen to all of us and are completely normal.

Table of contents:

  1. the clothing struggle👖
  2. noises📢
  3. blood
  4. you can’t orgasm😅
  5. dirty talk😏
  6. you’re dry💁
  7. a wandering mind💭
  8. muscle cramps

1 The Clothing Struggle👖

When it comes to stripping it down, some clothing items can be harder to get off than others. Sometimes we wear super tight jeans that take lots of wiggling and maneuvering to get out of. There’s no need to feel awk, though. Your partner wants to see what’s underneath, so embrace the struggle.

2 Noises📢

You might be embarrassed when you hear certain sounds during sex, but it’s bound to happen. Getting into the moment means a lot of moving around, and the friction can create some funny or strange sounds. Just play it off or laugh about it, and don’t worry.

3 Blood

If you’re feeling a moment, nothing can make you more concerned than the sight of blood. If your period 🔴 came unexpectedly during sex, it can be super embarrassing – but it happens. It doesn’t cause either one of you harm, and you can play it off by throwing everything in the wash. Don’t let it spoil your time!

4 You Can’t Orgasm😅

Being able to finish during sex is the best feeling, but it doesn’t always happen. Going into sex with an open mind and no expectations is how you deal with this. Sometimes everything else can be just as satisfying, but in a different way.

5 Dirty Talk😏

It can be intimidating to speak during sex. A lot of people feel like they have to be quiet so that they don’t make things awkward, but experimenting can be the best part. You don’t have to recite verses, but words every now and then can take sex to the next level, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed to try.

6 You’re Dry💁

If you and your partner engage in foreplay and are rearing to go, it may seem embarrassing to find that you are dry downstairs. But this doesn’t mean you aren’t turned on or you can’t make it work. See it as a chance to try different lubes or preface sex with some oral stimulation.

7 A Wandering Mind💭

We all hope to be in the moment during sex, but let’s face it. Sometimes our minds can wander to what we have to do later on in the day or what we need from Sephora. It happens. Accept it and move on.

8 Muscle Cramps

You’re feeling the moment, having a great time, and – OW! 😵 Your legs start to cramp up and you wonder if you’re going to make it. We’ve been there. The energy and effort exerted during sex can take a toll on your muscles, causing them to cease up. Try to push through… or come back to it later.

These are just some of the common things that can happen during sex, and there’s no need to feel embarrassed. As long as you are comfortable with your partner, sex will always be a good time! Feel free to leave your feedback in the comments.

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