10 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Kick Him to the Curb ...


10 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Kick Him to the Curb ...
10 Perfectly Acceptable Reasons to Kick Him to the Curb ...

You shouldn't feel bad for breaking up with your boyfriend. If you think you'd be happier without him, then it's something you have to do. Yes, he's going to be upset and you're going to feel uncomfortable, but it'll all be worth it. Don't feel too guilty, because these are all perfectly acceptable reasons to break up with your boyfriend:

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You Don’t Feel a Spark

You Don’t Feel a Spark Sometimes, you'll end up dating an amazing guy that you know you should love, but don't. If that happens, don't feel bad. Just because he treats you right doesn't mean that you need to stay with him. If there isn't a spark, then you two don't belong together. Niceness is important, but it's not the only thing that you need in a relationship.


You’re Not Physically Attracted to Him

color, facial expression, hair, face, red, You're never going to date a boy who looks like the spitting image of Chris Pratt. That's something that you have to come to terms with. Of course, that doesn't mean that you should settle for dating a guy you find unattractive. Physical attraction is important. You won't be able to find a man who looks perfect, but you should keep searching until you find a guy you think is sexy.


He Bores You

He Bores You Sometimes, the nicest men are the most boring men. If you're dating someone who bores you on the first date, then it's probably not going to get any better from there. The more you see each other, the harder it'll be to think of new things to chat about. That's why you should break up with a guy that you can't stand talking to.


You like Someone else

You like Someone else If you develop feelings for someone else, you shouldn't feel bad. However, if you want to act on your feelings, then you need to break up with your boyfriend. It's better to leave him now than to cheat on him. You'd break his heart either way, so you might as well do the respectful thing, even if it's the harder thing.


You Miss the Single Life

You Miss the Single Life Some women hate being single, but other women love it. If you're part of the latter group, then there's nothing wrong with leaving your boyfriend in order to be single again. If you want to be unattached, that's your choice. Just make sure to tell him that there's nothing he did wrong.


You Can't Picture a Future Together

You Can't Picture a Future Together It doesn't matter how much you love a man. If you don't think you're going to marry him and have his children, then it's okay to leave him. If your end goal is to find someone to spend the rest of your life with, then there's no sense in wasting your time with someone you know you're bound to break up with eventually.


You Don’t Have a Reason to Stay

You Don’t Have a Reason to Stay You should be able to list a bunch of reasons why you like your boyfriend. If you can't think of anything good about him, then why are you with him? If there isn't any reason to stay, then you should get up and go.


He Doesn't Support Your Goals

black, white, face, black and white, person, One of the core character values we learn as children is respect and if he doesn't respect your values, goals, or wishes then it's time you kick him to the curb! A truly supportive and worthy boyfriend he will be your own personal cheer squad-even if it's a simple good luck text.


He's Too Clingy

hair, human action, person, mouth, blond, Yes, it's cute at first to be showered with affection, however, after awhile you realize it's become quite annoying to not be able to go do your own thing once in awhile without him pouting. Don't jump to dumping him, try talking it out and if he still doesn't get it then it's time to move on to better (less suffocating) things.


You Can't Trust Him

black and white, black, monochrome photography, monochrome, film noir, This one is plain and simple-if he lies or if you just can't seem to trust a thing he says, then you need to head for the hills away from this relationship immediately! Don't waste your time on someone you can't trust because there's no future in a relationship like that.

You can't remain in a relationship, just because you feel bad about breaking a boy's heart. Have you ever broken up with a boy?

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@heyits_madz hi

I broke up with my boyfriend a couple months ago... It was very difficult. He tells me I broke his heart. It was hard to do and hard for me to hear him say that, but I know I had to do it. Breaking up is a very difficult thing.

Broke up with my boyfriend of 3 years 2 days before Valentine's.

Since when is developing feelings for someone else while already in a relationship not bad?

Just broke up ytd. It was so hard. My boyfriend kept pestering me. He said that these arent good enough reason to break up with him :( what shld i do?

@Ashlee hii wanna chat?

Religious differences is reasonable also, especially if you no u can't cope with each when it comes to religion.

Joyce his heart would be broken either way so if have to force it it'll never work out.

Nice men are not always boring!

Just broke up with my boyfriend last week...

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