9 Pinterest Quotes to Help You through Your Breakup ...


9 Pinterest Quotes to Help You through  Your Breakup ...
9 Pinterest Quotes to Help You through  Your Breakup ...

You can get over any guy, no matter how much you loved him. Cosmo has some inspirational quotes that'll help you along. Here they are:

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Don't Always Get What You Want

Don't Always Get What You Want You don't always want what's best for you, and your ex definitely isn't what's best for you.


He Can't Destroy You

He Can't Destroy You You're in charge of your own happiness.


Stars Can't Shine without Darkness

Stars Can't Shine without Darkness You need to go through dark times to get to the light.


Good Things Fall Apart

Good Things Fall Apart The things that are waiting around the corner for you are even better than the things in your past.


Stop Thinking about It

Stop Thinking about It If you dwell on the past, you'll never be happy.


Smile and Move on

Smile and Move on You can't spend the rest of your life worrying about him. You need to move on.


It'll Make Sense

It'll Make Sense Once you meet the love of your life, you'll realize why you had to get broken up with by your ex.


You're Not Ordinary

You're Not Ordinary The love of your life should treat you like you're the best woman he's ever met.


Adjust to Changes

Adjust to Changes Life is always changing. You need to learn how to adjust to it.

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