10 Songs to Get You through a Breakup ...


10 Songs to Get You through a Breakup ...
10 Songs to Get You through a Breakup ...

Songs for Breakup can really help ease the pain you feel after a breakup and can actually make you feel better! Breaking up is not easy – but songs for breakup make it bearable.I know that when my ex and I split, I indulged in all kinds of music and let it help me through my pain. Below, I've compiled the top 10 list of songs for breakup that will help you get over it and move right on!

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Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

The first time I heard this song was actually last week. Everyone was commenting on it on Tumblr (because I'm a total addict when it comes to Tumblr) and I finally downloaded it. Demi – girl, you got it going on. This is one of the perfect – and I repeat, perfect songs for breakup. It's unique, her voice is awesome and it really hits you right in the core of the pain. You want a tearjerker? This is the song for that!


Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri

So I actually heard this song on Glee and I loved it – until I found the real version. This is absolutely a great song when you first break up and you are in a funk. If I ever have to go through another break up, this is one of the top songs for breakup on my playlist!


Friendly Goodbye by Bowling for Soup

This one is actually funny and definitely one of the more spiteful songs for breakup out there. Bowling for Soup is actually one of my favorite bands and while you might not have heard of them – listen to the song. Could you imagine hearing that when you are fighting/breaking up with someone? It fits!


According to You by Orianthi

Speaking of spiteful, it's the spiteful queen herself! This song is the ultimate tribute to guys that dog on their girlfriends a little too much and in turn, lose them. This is absolutely one of the my favorite songs for breakup because it's so – so bitchy!


Everything Sucks (when You're Gone) by MxPx

This is more of a song that allows you that grieving time. With every single relationship, there are going to be times that you miss them and that you think of them. This song is a upbeat way to remember your ex – because really, everything does suck when their gone, but sometimes it's for the best.


Someone like You by Adele

We all know that Adele's entire album should be at the top of the songs for breakup for 2011, but this song in particular is extremely heartbreaking and always brings a tear to my eye. Adele is one of my favorite artists and I really think that she puts her music in front of everything. She's one of the few artists that bears her soul to you – and in this song, she really strikes home.


The Scientist by Coldplay

For those of you that don't exactly like Coldplay, listen to the song. It's sorrowful, beautiful and is one tearjerker that I know I'd listen to if I was breaking up. Also – I have a huge crush on the lead singer, so that alone makes it all that much better!


Don't Speak by No Doubt

This song really brings me back to the days of VCRs and going outside to play instead of on the computer. No Doubt, even though they broke up is still one of my favorite old-school bands to listen to. This song in particular – Gwen's voice, the emotions, it's incredible. A true masterpiece!


Gives You Hell by All American Rejects

If you were breaking up with your ex and just not on good terms, wouldn't you want to give him hell? All American Rejects did it right with this song. It's spiteful, quirky, fun to listen to and actually really funny. So when you see his face, does it give you hell ladies?


So What! by Pink

Pink is such an inspiring artist, the journey that she has been through and how she can still come out with songs like this? It's awesome. This was when she was going through the breakup with Cary Hart and while they are back together now, it's still a great song to listen to when you are venting to your girlfriends about your ex!

Music is definitely something that can influence our moods and can actually change our minds about things. I know that I am a huge music person and I am constantly listening to different music for different moods. Songs for breakup should be songs that make you feel better, ease the pain or something you could relate to. What songs for breakup do you listen to ladies? I'm dying to hear some more suggestions!

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I like merry happy by kate nash

Shakira~Don't Bother is good :)

Suicide - Rihanna

anything by alanis

Backstreet boys, ' Get another boyfriend."

I am 14 years old. I have a boyfriend but my ex is threatening to start a fight with my boyfriend! What should I do??

Miley Cyrus-Kicking&Screaming is good too.

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