9 Pleasing Ideas for Wonderful Winter Group Dates ...


9 Pleasing Ideas for Wonderful Winter Group Dates ...
9 Pleasing Ideas for Wonderful Winter Group Dates ...

Winter group dates are especially fun, because you can easily get a little stir crazy once it starts snowing. If you live with your partner, or you're always together otherwise, it's common to want to see someone else. What better time, then, than to gather up a few of your closest couple friends and plan a few winter group dates? Check out these choices and see if they appeal to you. If they do, your new year will soon be packed with fun!

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Start a Snowy Scavenger Hunt

I'm a big fan of scavenger hunts, and they're especially fun when there's an extra challenge involved – like snow. This is one of the best winter group dates because you can engage in some friendly competition. Each couple can come up with a list of items for another couple, and whichever team gets the most items can pay for dinner, dessert, or just drinks at the end of the evening. This is especially challenging if your town has a winter festival, because then you can get the crowd involved.


Head out on the Ice

Going ice skating is always a great time, but it's even better when you do it in a group. You've got more people to watch you fall on your butt, or to keep you from doing so. Think of all the time you went roller skating in groups as a kid; ice skating is like that, except you're older, presumably have better balance, and you don't have a curfew!


Plan a Snowball Fight

You're never too old to have an all-out snowball war, and it's better to do it when you've got a group. Depending on your skills, you can even build a few snow forts to hide behind. Go boys against girls or couple against couple; if there's more than two couples, you can have a round robin tournament and determine the winner with the last game.


Have an Iron Chef Competition

This is a really fantastic, inventive choice, especially if you have any chefs in your group. Everyone can chip in on some groceries, you can choose a chairperson to pick a strange ingredient, such as horseradish, chicken, or sweet potatoes, and then get to cooking. You'll need at least three judges, but your teams can have as many members as you like. This is the perfect option for those nights when you don't want to venture outside.


Put Together a Progressive Dinner

If you love the idea of eating delicious food but don't necessarily want to spend all your time in the house, put together a progressive dinner with the other couples. Each couple can be in charge of a different course, and you can travel from place to place enjoying home cooked food! You can do this with couples in your neighborhood, your dorm, or your apartment complex.


Channel Your Inner Child on a Sled

Sledding is just as much fun as going ice skating or having a snowball fight. It's actually a bit more fun as adults because you're not used to it and you can all laugh at each other. You just want to make sure you still have the stamina to climb all those hills!


A Painting Party in the Snow

Snow painting is such much fun! You can fill up all sorts of things with water and food color, such as water guns, water bottles, and larger containers for big splashes of color. Don't forget to take photos of your masterpieces – and try not to attack each other with the food coloring!


Stage Your Own Restaurant Week

With this idea, you can take advantage of seasonal delicacies, get out and about, and learn about new foods and favorite places. Most cities have Restaurant Week, where participating restaurants have low prices on special menus. By all means take advantage of that, but if you missed out or your city doesn't have one, create your own. Eating out more than once a week might not be within your budget, but that's okay; you can spread it out, as long as you make sure to try new places.


Power out, Heat on

Invite your couple friends over and kill the lights! Using candles and the fireplace, have fun in the dark. No, not THAT kind of fun – wait until your guests go home for that! I mean eating dinner by candlelight, watching movies in the dark, and things like that. It's low budget but intimate, and perfect for getting to know your friends better.

Group dates are also nice for early dates, when you're just getting to know someone. The pressure's off and you can relax a little more, especially when the group dynamic really gels. Do you enjoy going on group dates or do you prefer solo outings?

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