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7 Realistic Quotes about Love ...

By Olivia

There are so many quotes about love that describe love as being perfect. Unfortunately, this isn't always the case. Sometimes love can be confusing, people we love can hurt us, and love doesn't live up to our expectations; but other times, love can be beautiful and real. That's why I have compiled a realistic list of quotes about love.

1 Robert Anthony

Robert AnthonyOf all the quotes about love that I hold near and dear to my heart, this has got to be at the forefront. If you have ever been in a relationship where the power was not equally shared, you will understand the truth behind this quote. This quote is great when you are in love and it can mean so, so much!

2 Unknown

UnknownMany people want to quickly fall in love with someone simply because they are lonely. This does not breed lasting love. You must love and be okay with yourself first, before you can healthily love another. Isn't that the truth? You've got to love yourself in order to be able to love anyone else!


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3 Anonymous

AnonymousWhile this quote does not always ring true, it often does. Missing a person for who they are versus who we thought they were or wanted them to be are often two very different things. I often catch myself missing someone from my past with whom a relationship didn't work, and then realize I am missing the person I thought they were when I originally started dating them as opposed to who they actually turned out to be.

4 Joan Crawford

Joan CrawfordWhen we first enter a relationship, we often do not know if it will be the most beautiful or the most painful thing in our lives. The analogy of love to a fire is so dead on, because a fire can be life-saving and warm, or it can destroy your life. Love is fickle but it is so, so worth it!

5 Unknown

UnknownLove is scary, and that is because when we fall in love we can so easily get hurt. This is why trust is such a huge aspect of love. You've got to protect yourself, but falling in love is fantastic!

6 Bob Marley

Bob MarleyThis quote is so true. As little girls we are taught that our Prince Charming will never break our hearts, but unfortunately everyone in life with whom we are close will wind up hurting us in some way. Figuring out who is worth the pain depends on who the person is and how much they hurt you. Don't ever settle for someone who knocks you too low, but don't necessarily give up on a person who has hurt you but is willing to work on building a better relationship.

7 Erica Jong

Erica JongThe risk of falling in love pales in comparison to the risk of not taking the risk at all. It's normal to get to a point in your life where you'd rather give up on the hassle of falling in love, but this quote so eloquently suggests that the risk, pain, and heartache truly are worth going through for the chance at finding love.

There are so many love quotes that ring true. What other love quotes do you find to be true? Are there any that could be your favorites?

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