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7 Reasons He Won't Commit ...

By Alicia

Maybe you are dating a great guy but there seems to be reasons he won’t commit. That can be a very frustrating situation to find yourself in. If that is where you are, it is good to do a little digging to figure out the reasons he won’t commit. Once you figure that out, you can decide what to do next.

1 He Isn’t Ready for That Step

One of the possible reasons he won’t commit might be simply that he isn’t ready yet. He may really like you. He may be totally into your relationship. But he just may be thinking on a different plane to you. If that is the case, you have to decide if it is worth waiting for him to get to the point he is ready.

2 He’s Not That into You

This one is really hard to swallow. You may have found a guy that you are totally crazy over. You think he is just the greatest guy in the world. Sometimes the feeling may not be mutual. He may not be as into you as you are to him. This is hurtful to realize but it is good to know what the real deal is.


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3 He Has Been Burned

Sometimes guys have been in a bad relationship and they have been burned. This isn’t an exclusive guy thing; girls can be burned by bad relationships, too. But if the guy you are interested in has been burned, he may be afraid to get back into a committed relationship. If that is the case, you have two choices. Wait and try to prove that you are different that the girl that burned him or move on.

4 He Likes the Way Things Are

Sometimes guys are just content with the way things are. This is not a bad reason that he won’t commit. He may be comfortable where you are in your relationship. What you do is a choice only you can make, of course. If the relationship is young, give it time to grow. He may commit when some time passes.

5 He Has Had Poor Examples

Sometimes a guy is afraid of a committed relationship because of the examples he has seen in his life. If his dad didn’t come through for him or his mom, he may feel it is best to not give himself the chance to mess up. He may fear he is like his dad. This is something he has to go through on his own. You can be there and be supportive and talk to him but ultimately, it’s something he has to work through and decide.

6 He’s a Slow Mover

Your guy may very well be moving toward a commitment but you just don’t see the signs. Sometimes it is hard to recognize this because he is a slow mover. He is getting there but on his own time schedule. If he is moving in the right direction, be patient. He will get there on his own timetable and is probably worth the wait.

7 He Likes the Single Scene

If you are dealing with a guy that just likes the singles' scene, give up now. He has no desire for commitment. You don’t want to be out on the prowl when you have the chance at commitment if you care about the person that chance is with. You deserve someone who is ready for a relationship. Cut this guy loose and move on.

There are a lot of different reasons a guy won’t commit. This list can help you to see which one applies in your situation. What are your thoughts on this topic?

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