7 Reasons Not to Give up on Love ...


Your heart has been shattered and broken to pieces so many times that it feels like the most logical thing to do is to just give up on love. And why not? A broken heart comes with several emotional, mental, physical and financial outcomes that sends you to a deep abyss and leaves you feeling lost and lonely. But hope still springs eternal - and while we are alive, there will always be reasons to believe in love and not to give up on it. Here are some of them:

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Someone out There

I was 26 and I had already given up on finding love because I felt that no one was really meant for me. So I bought a house and told myself I will just live the rest of my days in this house, adopting children and organizing book clubs and storytelling sessions. Then one day, while on a break from writing a long report, someone sent me a smile - an electronic smile - and that started everything. Someone out there is meant for you and he will come at the most unexpected time.


Love is Splendid

It hurts so bad when the person you love betrays you. But the best thing about being human is our capacity to move on and open our hearts again, even if that takes a significant amount of time and effort to do so. We fall but we get up and love again because love is just plain splendid. It does make you feel vulnerable but it is what makes us human and real.


It Ain't over

All over the world, people are working to battle climate change. So... no honey, the world is not ending anytime soon. Neither is your life. Your lovelife is not defined by failed relationships or the people you were with; they are defined by the choices and decisions you made. For love is not just a feeling, it's brainwork too.


You're the Jackpot Prize

Confidence is key in this one. Believe that whoever wins your heart will win the jackpot prize. You're a great person, worthy and deserving of a wonderful person who loves you dearly and truly. When fresh from a break up, allow yourself some personal space. Respect yourself and allow your mind and heart to mourn. I know it doesn't apply to everyone but you may be able to bounce back better if you honor the hurt and give yourself time to heal.


The Best is Yet to Come

Which means: Do not accept any proposal for a relationship just because he is the only man who offered you such. Short-term gain, long-term pain won't do the trick, especially if you dream of a happy marriage. Life, to you, might be crappy these days. It sucks. Accept the truth that it's not yet your time. Girl, the best is yet to come.


There's so Much to Be Thankful for

Your job, the sun, and even great hair days. Perhaps a broken heart is a reminder that you should give yourself more time to improve, upgrade and update yourself so that you will be the best jackpot prize when the best and right man comes. Wake up every day with a grateful heart and you will be rewarded.


World is Growing

I'm smiling while writing this one because I remember my husband saying that he was 50 and thinking where in heaven's name is his true love. Turns out, I was thousands of miles away from him, a cub reporter in a small city, more than two decades younger than him. Point is: love is universal. Nobody has the right to judge you because you are with someone younger or older. The world is growing, giving you more options and more freedom. Embrace it.

Have you given up on love? I hope not.

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I love it 😍😍😍

It has really helped me out! Thank you.

Great advice!

Honestly Im on the edge of giving up on love. I am starting to come to the point, that I was put on this Earth just to be in the friend zone. One can take so much rejection.

True love comes from God. If you're dealing with a recent breakup strive to draw closer to God and find peace in Him :)

Thank you very much for this article I am 61yrs old, in past year have bravely ended an 11 year old dead relationship. Scary thing to do but the best decision ever. I am allowing my self to heal. There is someone who I met online however all he wants is a physical relation . He won't even take me out for a drink so I have said no!!! I am worth far more than casual sex. I am the prize and he should be grateful and honoured to know me this article has been written just for me. Many thanks.

That life is too short to worry about looking for love. Let love look for you. I'm now concentrating on the things I love and keep believing that someone one day will find me. Girls out there, live, have fun, make memories and the right one will come to you. In the words of Bon Jovi: Keep The Faith 😊

I do appreciate what I have learnt in this article cos I was thinking to my self, no body likes me what next? Work and have my own fun. Thanks :)

This article help me also, it's only been 3 months but still having a hard time getting past the hurt... In fact my heart so badly I was having sharp pains ... Time heals all wounds at least that's what I'm told

This is BRILLIANT! Beautifully written well done! Especially your last point was heartfelt and beautiful . Thank you .. You have restored my faith! I'm 47 nearly and so unlucky in love ! More posts like this please 😘

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