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Why a Woman Actually Shouldn't Wear Her Heart on Her Sleeve ...

By Holly

You don't want to wear your heart on your sleeve, nor do you want to bottle up all of your emotions until you explode. You need to find a healthy balance. It's the best way to assure that you don't get hurt too badly, whether it be in your career or love life. Here are some of the many reasons why a woman shouldn't actually wear her heart on her sleeve:

1 Don't Be the Girl Who Cried Wolf

While you don't want to constantly bottle up your emotions, you don't want to constantly spill them out either. Think about it: if you know your friend cries whenever she breaks a nail, will you ever really care about her tears? If you only express your emotions over the big issues in life, people will see you as more mature and will actually come to your assistance when they see you in despair.

2 Shatter Stereotypes

Society already views women as overly emotional creatures, so you don't want to enforce the stereotype. If your boss sees that you get super upset over the little things, then he won't give you the promotion you've been wanting. If you want a high position in a company, you need to prove that you can handle stress.


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3 Don't Get Taken Advantage of

If you like a guy, show him by flirting or asking him out. However, you don't want to let him know how utterly obsessed you are. If he senses that you'd do anything to be with him, he might take advantage of the situation. You don't want to be fooled into sleeping with him, so be careful with how much affection you show him.

4 Feel Powerful

You don't need to be emotionless in order to feel like a powerful woman. However, being able to hide your emotions can certainly help you feel stronger. While you don't want to bottle up your feelings forever, you should be careful who you share them with. Not everyone can be trusted, you know.

5 Don't Sweat the Small Stuff

If you're upset over something small, like your favorite bakery being out of cookies, then don't freak out about it. It's something that you'll get over in a few hours, so there's no sense in complaining about it to everyone you see. Wait until something bigger goes wrong to go running to your friends about it.

6 Avoid Giving Mixed Signals

Wearing your heart on your sleeve could actually give a guy mixed signals. If you're confused about whether you want to date guy A, B, or C, then try not to show each of them how much you like them. If you do, then you could end up breaking their hearts. Wait until you know what you want to make your move.

7 Avoid a Broken Heart

It's easier for you to get your heart broken when you wear it on your sleeve. If you pick and choose who you let into your life, you'll lower your risk of getting hurt. This doesn't mean that you should cut people out of your life. It just means that you should only let the best people in.

If you're the type of person who wears her heart on her sleeve, be careful, because you don't want to get walked over. It's best to find a healthy balance between sharing your emotions and keeping them locked up. Do you wear your heart on your sleeve, or are you good at hiding your emotions?

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