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7 Perks of Having a Husband Who Leaves Town for Work ...

By Alicia

There’re some perks of having a husband who leaves town for work. Of course you miss him and would prefer that he was home with you. But there’re some perks that you shouldn’t overlook. Focusing on the good aspects of your husband leaving town for work can actually help the time he’s gone to go by faster.

1 It’s a Throwback to Dating

It’s a bit like you’re dating again when your husband leaves town for work. You aren’t together every single day, annoying each other with the little quirks that married couples find out about each other. It’s a bit of a break. It can take you back to your dating days when your time together was to be treasured. There really is something to the old saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.”

2 It’s a Break from Cooking

The time your husband is out of town can be a break from cooking for you. If you usually cook when he’s home then you’re off the hook for a while. Order some takeout or have a bowl of cereal for dinner. Enjoy your break from the kitchen while it lasts. If you husband usually cooks for you then you have a great excuse to call a pizza in.

3 You Can Enjoy Some Girl Time

While you can certainly get together with the girls when your husband is home, it’s the perfect time for a girl’s night out when he’s gone. It’s a good way to fill your evenings. You don’t have any reason to hurry home, unless you’re also a parent. You can just enjoy your time out with your besties.

4 You Can Skip Shaving

There’s some humor in this one but it’s true. If your hubby’s not there, you can skip shaving a little more. You also may feel a little freer to have a lazy day without makeup or doing your hair. Those may not be things you care about even when your husband’s home and that’s okay if that’s what’s comfortable for you and your marriage. But if those’re things that you’re usually a stickler for, this’s the time to let them go a little and not worry over it.

5 You Don’t Have to Share the Remote

Admit, it ladies. As much as you love and miss your husband, it’s really nice to have the remote all to yourself. You don’t have to watch ESPN or any of his other manly shows. You can watch HGTV to your heart’s content. You don’t even have to deal with his comments about your chic shows.

6 Some Alone Time Can Be Nice

Everyone needs alone time. When you’re married, especially after you have children, alone time can be a rare commodity. Take advantage of the quiet while you have it. Just enjoy your own company. Alone time means something different to everyone and that’s alright. For some, it may mean curling up with a good book and for others, maybe an evening of yoga and meditation.

7 Sweet Reunions

One of the best about when your husband leaves town for work is the sweet reunions you have to look forward to when he comes home. It’s not always a picnic when your husband travels for work but there’re some good things about it, especially this one. You can make special plans for the two of you when he gets home. It can be a lot of fun to plan and anticipate his return. You can make up for all that lost time that you were apart.

These’re some of the perks of your husband leaving town for work. What do you enjoy when your husband’s gone? Share your thoughts.

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