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7 Reasons Not to Worry about Your Partner Seeing You without Makeup ...

By Alison

What are the reasons not to worry about your partner seeing you without makeup? Too many women are scared to let their partner see them before they've put on makeup; some will even make sure they get up before he wakes up so that they can 'put their face on'. Girls, don't worry about your partner seeing your naked face! Here are some reasons not to worry about your partner seeing you without makeup on …

1 He Loves You

One of the main reasons not to worry about your partner seeing you without makeup is that he loves you as you are. He doesn't only love you when you've got your face fully made up! And a man who loves you loves you whatever you look like; when you're ill, look like you haven't slept in weeks, and have your hair messed up. In fact, he probably prefers the natural you!

2 Natural You

What's wrong with the natural you anyway? Absolutely nothing. Makeup should be a fun tool to play with, not a default setting. If you're worried about your partner seeing you without your makeup on, you're probably worried about how you look without it. Well stop worrying - you look fine. Like a normal woman, in fact!


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3 Men Don't Care

Most men don't care one bit if you wear makeup or not. If you asked a group of men whether they prefer a picture of a woman with no makeup, natural makeup, or heavy makeup, chances are they'll opt for option 1 or 2. So why worry about your partner seeing you without makeup on if he's not concerned about it?

4 Comfortable

Learn to be comfortable without makeup on, rather than worrying how awful you look (which you probably don't). It's how we're meant to be, after all. How can you truly be intimate with your partner if you're scared to let him see you without your makeup on? Use makeup to enhance your looks, not to hide them.

5 Obsessive

Some women don't leave the house without makeup on. But if you seriously can't bear the thought of even your partner seeing your naked face, that could be bordering on obsessive. It's not necessarily vanity; in fact, it could be the opposite. But either way it's not healthy to be that uncomfortable with your own looks.

6 Relax

You should be able to relax and be yourself with your partner. It's one thing making more of an effort in the early days and wanting your new man to see you at your best. But later on you should be more relaxed around him and happy for him to see you without makeup on. Freaking out that he might see your naked face is definitely not relaxing!

7 Self-Esteem

Finally, if your self-esteem is built around wearing makeup then that's not a very healthy place to be. Learn to see yourself as more than just your looks. Your personality and achievements are more important than your looks. Enjoy experimenting with your appearance, but don't make it the most important thing about you.

Being seen without makeup isn't a disaster, so don't worry about how you look. Your guy loves you regardless; anyone who values you only on your looks isn't worth having in your life. And above all, learn to be comfortable yourself with your natural looks. Do you hate anyone seeing you without makeup on?

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