7 Perfect Responses for Indian Girls to "Why Are You Still Single?" ...


7 Perfect Responses for Indian Girls to "Why Are You Still Single?" ...
7 Perfect Responses for Indian Girls to "Why Are You Still Single?" ...

If you’re a single Indian girl of marriageable age, chances are that you’ve been asked “why are you still single?” at least once a day for the last several years. From your grandmom to your nosy neighbor, everyone seems to have a particular interest in your relationship status. And it can get annoying really quick. At least that’s what I remember. So if you’re fed up of being asked “why are you still single?” by everyone you meet, read on and maybe you’ll find the perfect response to that very unwelcome question.

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I Make Too Much Money

If there is one thing that can make an unwelcome conversation awkward for everyone but you, it’s bringing up money. When the neighborhood gossip asks, "Why are you still single?" tell her that you make so much money that it’s impossible to find a boy to marry (because of course, like a good Indian girl, you’d want a man who earned more than you, right?) and see how quickly they change the topic!


I Want to Marry a Girl

If there is one thing that makes nosy older aunties cringe, it is talking about homosexuality (or any sexuality, really). So the next time someone asks you why you’re single, smile, and tell them it’s because you want to marry a girl and unfortunately, no one is letting you. Then sit back and watch them squirm and wonder whether you’re being serious or not!


I Have Very High Standards

The next time someone pokes you about your single status, tell him or her that you have very high standards and then narrate a long list of characteristics you’re looking for in a partner. Once they realize you’re not going to settle for anyone less than George Clooney (who is now married), maybe they’ll leave you alone.


I Can’t Cook

For most Indian aunties, this should be reason enough to forget your single status and start bemoaning the fact that you can’t cook! Seriously. Telling interfering relatives that you’re single because you can’t cook will totally distract them. Of course, you’ll end up having to listen to them tell you about how it’s high time you learnt how to cook etc. But at least they’ve gotten off your back about being single right?


I like Being Happy

They ask you why you are still single, you keep a straight face and tell them you like being happy. And then look at how confused everyone looks. This is the easiest way to deflect those annoying queries about why you’re not married yet!


An Astrologer Said I Won’t Marry

This is one excuse that might actually get accepted! One sure shot way of ensuring people don’t ask you the same annoying question over and over again is to tell them that some astrologer you met as a child had told you that you’ll never marry and that all you’re doing is following his predictions. You might even get some sympathetic looks after this.


My Boyfriend is Not the Marrying Kind

The next time you’re asked why you’re still single just tell them that your boyfriend is not the marrying kind and that you’re thinking of being in a live-in relationship with him. The topic of your singlehood will definitely take a backseat and all you’ll get are scandalized looks. But those you can ignore right?

Any single Indian girl will tell you how difficult it is to fend off curious relatives and gossiping neighbors. Everyone wants to know when you’re getting married and ending your singlehood. But now you know how to answer the constantly asked “why are you still single” question in a manner that will at least distract, if not end the queries! Do you have your own perfect response to the “Why are you still single?” question that you’d like to share?

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Why is this directed at indian women? Any of these answers could be used from women of any background or culture. It seems ridiculous that "minorities" get upset when an article (or anything really) is directed at white people, yet no one sees anything wrong with this article being directed specifically at Indian women. It's not just Indian women who get questioned why they're still single. I'm white and I get asked from family all the time, and none of these replies has anything to do with culture or background.

Amazing article!!!

haha 😂

Loved this article! Thanks for writing it, I have to share it with all my indian friends!

Hilarious !!!

I need too tell

I used to get, "when I was your age I had 4 sons and you're still unmarried?" One day out of frustration I said if they want a child I can still get one...I don't need to be married for that. I still remember the look I got! After that...the ladies never bothered me 😝🙈😝

hahaha greatt post!!!

That cool be part of popular

Could you write for indian men too.. I am sick of being called asexual or gay simply because I am not sexually explicit or talk about their anatomy or oggle at girls

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