7 Reasons Why Men Don't Call Women Back for Girls in the Dark ...


7 Reasons Why Men Don't Call Women Back for Girls in the Dark ...
7 Reasons Why Men Don't Call Women Back for Girls in the Dark ...

There are so many reasons men don’t call women back. Men are more simple-minded than women. They don’t spend hours obsessing over everything they do. If they like you, trust me, you’ll know it. If they’re into you, they’ll want to see you again. If they aren’t into you, you won’t be getting a call back. Here are 7 reasons why men don’t call women back.

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No Chemistry

man, marriage, groom, bride, interaction, Chemistry isn’t something that can be explained. A man can think a woman is beautiful, well-dressed, and very sweet, but for some reason he just doesn’t feel a connection with her. Chemistry is one of the main reasons why men don’t call women back.



hair, person, hairstyle, organ, Sometimes women forget to be polite and ladylike. Perhaps the guy wasn’t what you expected. He might have been shorter than you thought he was, a bit heavier, or, he looked nothing like his pictures. Regardless of the reason, being rude to someone isn’t cool.


Lateness Isn’t Tolerated

cartoon, pink, illustration, anime, Men can’t stand when women are late. It rubs them the wrong way. Being late shows a lack of respect for the person you’re meeting. It’s also really, really inconsiderate. I always feel like an idiot when I’m kept waiting. Don’t you? If you’re late to a first date with a guy, it can easily put things in a sour mood from the get-go and ruin your chances of getting asked out again.


He’s Just Not That into You

music, Your date could have found you attractive and really fun, but he just didn’t have the sparks. He wanted fireworks, and sadly, there were none. It happens all the time. Sometimes men think women are fabulous, but the necessary attraction needed to foster a relationship is missing. You could have had a great time, but your date just wasn’t feeling it. Don’t take it personally; there are plenty of other fish in the sea.


Choose Your Words Wisely

person, Men generally aren’t as sensitive as women, but believe it or not, it’s possible for them to get offended. Kindness is contagious. It’s important to always be nice on all dates. Everyone, and yes, I mean everyone, deserves to be treated with respect. I certainly wouldn’t want to go out with someone again who hurt my feelings.


She Was a Hot Mess

face, hair, blond, mouth, lip, Baggage isn’t sexy. There’s such a thing as having too much baggage. The important question is do you have a carry on or a steamliner? If you have a little bit of baggage, that’s okay. But if you have a full-fledged steamliner, your date isn’t going to be eager to see you again.


He Isn’t Commitment Minded

screenshot, Often, men don’t call women back because they’re not emotionally available. Sure, they might have thought you were great. And, they can even see themselves dating you. But right now, well, they aren’t ready for something serious. They want a fling and they know that you don’t.

Keep in mind that the right guy will be dying to go out with you again. He’ll want to see you, and he’ll make plans with you – in advance! If a man doesn’t call you back, he’s not worth your time. Do you have anything to add to the list of reasons why men don’t call women back?

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Right on!

Some applies for both. The gay thing is fun, but could be included in the first one: no chemistry.

It all boils down to: HE IS REALLY NOT THAT INTO YOU


Carly forgot: He's gay... 😒

@Serene totally agree!!! Great list :) I can summarise it in one sentence: he's not interested!!

If you are talking about calling back, you have the first contact and so if he was gay that first contact probably wouldn't have happened. So... it didn't click. Just that. It is nobody's fault.

One of my biggest complaints is pictures don’t match. That picture of you at 120 lb is unfair to you and me when you currently weigh 180 lb. you waste my time because I know what I like and your time because the guy that might’ve liked your current weight

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