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7 Reasons to Be Friends before Lovers ...

By Alicia

There are some very valuable reasons to be friends before lovers. The best love relationships are sometimes the ones that are based on a prior friendship. It can give your relationship a definite advantage. Let’s talk about some specific reasons to be friends before lovers and how each offers a unique advantage.

1 You Know Each Other

One of the reasons to be friends before lovers is that you will know each other well. You don’t have to enter a relationship and start from scratch. You know many things about each other. You know each other’s likes and dislikes. You know each other’s little quirks. You are going in with eyes wide open.

2 You Can Have Heart-to-heart Chats

When you are friends before lovers, you know each other well. This makes it easy to have heart-to-heart chats. Friends are who we turn to when we need to talk, right? When you are friends before lovers, you have a two-in-one gift. You know that you can turn to your partner to share your heart.


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3 Friendship is Important in Relationships

Being friends is an important element in your love relationship. You need to enjoy each other’s company as friends do, as well as have romance. When you are friends before you become lovers, you have that and don’t have to work to develop it. It is already there. Your relationship has a strong basis on this point.

4 You Obviously Have Things in Common

Many times people end up in a romantic relationship only to find they don’t have very much in common. Sometimes they don’t even realize this until a couple years down the road when they are very serious or perhaps even married. Then this can become a point of frustration or even contention. When you are friends, you have obviously found you have some things in common. This makes it much easier to do activities together as a couple.

5 You Care about One Another

When you are friends before lovers, you care about one another. You don’t have to develop a concern for each other’s feelings because you already have that. This adds a wonderful layer of depth to your relationship that relationships starting from scratch don’t have from the beginning. Relationships starting from scratch can catch up but you already have it. It gives your relationship a nice boost.

6 It’s a Way of Taking Things Slow

In a way, being friends before lovers is a way to take things slow. You had your time as friends to slowly get to know one another. You are going into a love relationship with eyes wide open because of this, which is a great benefit. You are less likely to feel overwhelmed or smothered. Your friendship gave your romantic relationship a slow but steady and strong foundation.

7 Friendship is the Best Basis for a Relationship

Friendship is the best basis in a relationship. You will always have your friendship even in the times that your relationship may seem a little dry. Your friendship can help you stay committed and strong. It can help you to find the way to put the sizzle back into your relationship. That is a very good thing.

Now it’s your turn to talk. Were you friends before lovers? How do you think it benefited your romantic relationship?

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