9 Tips on How to Make Him Want You ...


9 Tips on How to Make Him Want You ...
9 Tips on How to Make Him Want You ...

How to Make Him Want You is an age old question. If you are in a relationship with a guy, you want your guy to want you, to crave you, to ache for you. Below, I've compiled a list of the top 9 ways on how to make him want you and how to drive him absolutely wild! Once you start trying some of these ways and learn how to make him want you, I promise, he'll be on you like white on rice!

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Say the One Word That Blows His Mind

Believe it or not, men like to hear their name come across your lips. While nicknames and pet names are great, just saying your man's name – up close and right in his ear, let's him know you are thinking about him and no one else. Using his name when you two are hot and heavy is also a huge turn on. Using this how to make him want you trick works, I promise!


When you utter his name, it becomes more than just a word; it's an intimate calling, a siren song that's uniquely his. This simple act of personal acknowledgment can stoke the flames of desire and reinforce your connection in a profound way. It's not just about the auditory pleasure it brings, but the recognition that you're fully present with him. During those intense moments, his name becomes a signal of your mutual passion, assuring him that he is the sole focus of your affection and desires. It's like whispering a secret that only the two of you understand, and it draws him even closer to you.


Unexpected Touches

Never underestimate how much expected touches can mean. If you are in a public place, just soft and subtle touches will let him know what you are thinking about. Gliding your fingers down, into his pocket for the keys, rubbing up against him in a crowded bar and even soft whispers and kisses against his cheek all let him know that you want him.


Leave Him Outta the Loop

When you are in a relationship for a long time, it can be difficult to learn how to make him want you and come up with ways to keep it interesting. Leaving him out of the loop and being mysterious is a great way to keep your guy guessing. Trust me, guys don't like to be left out and if you do it consciously – he'll be after you before you can clue him in!


Make Drastic Changes

Are you sick of your man not noticing your haircut? What about when you do your makeup different? Make some drastic changes! This year, I switched from redhead to brunette – and the BH couldn't be happier! If you are thinking about getting your hair cut short but don't feel ready – get it cut a completely different way or change the color, I promise your man will notice and appreciate the differences.



You know how flattery gets a man everywhere? Well, this is one tip on the list of how to make him want you that works instantly! Compliment his clothes, his eyes, his hair – anything that you like about him. Remember, building up your man is as important as him building you up!


Make sure that your compliments are genuine and heartfelt. Men can tell when flattery is insincere, and it does more harm than good. Pick up on the small things that he does or the subtle changes he makes—perhaps he's been working out or he's dressed for an important meeting—and let him know you notice. That way, you affirm your interest and attention to his efforts and personal growth, which can boost his confidence and increase his attraction towards you.


Use His Senses

Where did you and him meet? Was it at a beach? At a local restaurant? Using his senses is a great way to invoke memories that will make him want you. For example, let's say you met at a beach, fell in love over the waves of an ocean – the smell of sunscreen should bring back some of those memories for him!


Engaging his senses can transport him back to those sweet, pivotal moments shared between you two. If it was a restaurant, perhaps cooking up the same meal or having the same flavor of wine will tickle his taste buds and reignite those flames. Remember the music that was playing? Slip it on during a casual evening to subtly stir up those emotions. And don't underestimate the power of touch – a gentle stroke in a way you know he loves can be deeply evocative. It's all about recreating the sensory experience that made him fall for you.


Make Him Jealous

Now, be careful with this one. You don't want to make him too jelly and definitely don't want him to go into a rage. A little jealousy in a relationship is good!


Attempting to make him jealous should be a strategic move, not a game of emotional roulette. Use subtle cues rather than overt actions to stir those green-eyed feelings. For example, casually mention an upcoming event you'll be attending or a new friend you've made, without giving away too many details. The intrigue will have him wondering about your world outside of him, and that curiosity can lead to a renewed interest. Remember, the goal is to spark a bit of intrigue and desire, not to initiate a full-blown trust issue or insecurities. Use with caution, as you're playing with delicate emotional dynamics.



Learning how to make him want you all boils down to anticipation. Sex should be about anticipation. When can you two touch again? When can you get it on? When can the teasing stop? It's all a little mystery and anticipation will make him crave you when you finally do get to touch!


Building that longing isn't just about delaying gratification, it's about crafting the moments in between. Whether it's a flirty text hinting at your desires or a lingering glance that promises more, every action should leave him guessing and wanting more. Keep the intensity of your affections like a slow-burning fire that warms with every encounter. A carefully whispered promise today can become the passionate reality he eagerly awaits tomorrow, creating an irresistible pull towards the next chapter of your entanglement.


Surprise Acts

While mystery is important, surprising acts is important too. I know I love it when the BH surprises me. Leaving little notes, texting your man in the middle of the day or just doing something because you want to see them smile pays off. There are so many ways to be creative, just think about what you man likes!

Keeping a relationship interesting and spicy isn't easy. Honestly, I've been in a relationship for 5 years now and it's tough to keep the romance and sexiness flowing! These are just a few of the tips on how to make him want you! What tricks on how to make him want you do you ladies use? C'mon, I might steal some tips for myself!

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I'm 13 and I really like this guy and we had a "thing" for about 2 weeks and he won't txt me anymore. How do I get back to him toting me all day and saying cute things to me. Were like fading away from each other and I don't want that to happen I really like him alot.?

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