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Although there are a lot of reasons cited to not take your husband’s last name, I want to discuss the reasons to take your husband’s last name. While many women choose the modern trend of keeping their last name or hyphenating their last name, there are advantages of making the choice to change your name. These reasons to take your husband’s last name will benefit you, your husband, your marriage and your life together.

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Men Love It

Okay, let’s just get this out of the way. Most men love when their wife chooses to take their last name. Of course your feelings matter, but the fact that this makes him very happy is one of the good reasons to take your husband’s last name. After all, marital harmony is a good thing, right?


Easier Business Transactions

This is something you may not think about beforehand but having two different last names can cause confusion. It can make business a little bit difficult. A lot of people will assume that you share a last name and proceed in business with that assumption in mind. Then you have to wait for a correction to take place regarding those business transactions. It can be frustrating and aggravating.


Easier for Children to Understand

Taking your husband’s last name is a lot easier than explaining to your future children why Mommy and Daddy have different names. It also eliminates the debate over what the child’s last name will be. It eliminates hyphens and explaining why Mommy may have a different name than they do. It saves a lot of confusion. Most children like it that everyone in the home has the same last name, if possible.


Better for Monograms and Décor

This is a very small reason to take your husband’s last name but it is worth mentioning. If you do not share a last name, getting things monogrammed or buying décor with the family name is out. This may be okay with you. I personally enjoy things that have our family name on them. It is a point worth considering.


A Sense of Unity

Having the same last name gives you a sense of unity. It has a strong family feel for you to share the same last name. For our family, we love and enjoy being “The Fannins.” It is also a quick and easy way to sign Christmas cards. Additionally, it is an easy way to list your name for reservations. Those are just small things to consider.

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One Less Issue with in-laws

A lot of in-laws would frown upon a daughter-in-law that does not take their son’s name. This is not true of all in-laws, of course. However, who wants yet another issue with in-laws? In-law relationships can be fraught with tension anyway. You can eliminate this one if you choose to take your husband’s last name.


This article highlights the benefits of taking your husband’s last name. Not only does it signify a new chapter in your life, but it can also be a great way to honor your husband and his family. Taking your husband’s last name can also make it easier to build a shared identity with your partner and can help unify a blended family. Additionally, taking your husband’s last name can help eliminate one source of potential tension with in-laws. This is especially true if in-laws would have otherwise been disappointed if you did not take their son’s name. Ultimately, taking your husband’s last name is a personal decision and should be made according to what is right for you and your family.


Less Misunderstandings

It is just easier to take your husband’s last name. Many people are going to assume that you have, anyway. It will save you from correcting people throughout your life together. It is one less hassle you will have. It will make your lives easier in this aspect.

Taking your husband’s last name is a personal decision that each woman has to make for herself, but these are some reasons in favor of doing so. If you took your husband’s last name, what were the reasons you chose to do so?

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I'm sure this article is useful to someone considering taking her future husbands last name. There's no right or wrong and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Live & let live I say

I am very lucky I am getting married in may and both of us have the same name so I don't need to change it but I would take his name anyway

I married young, and because it was the thing to do, I took his name without a thought. My entire adult life, I've used that name...even though our marriage ended quickly (but lasted longer than it should have, all things considered...) Now, I have a distinctive name which I love (and part is because I share it with my daughter...) I've frequently said that if I remarry, I'm not changing my name...I'm keeping my CURRENT name, which I got through marriage! Luckily for me, my boyfriend loves my name, and in fact has said that if we ever did get married (which would take a LOT of convincing on his part!!), that he would in fact take MY current name, even though it was my ex-husband's! (Bonus points for how much my ex would hate that...)

And yes, please don't wear a diamond ring, either, unless you're buying him one, too.

I'm going to med school and my degree will be in my maiden name, which definitely makes it more complicated to take my fiances name someday.

I think it is a personal opinion and different for each situation, but these points were very helpful and some I never would have thought of:) Thanks!

The man could also take the woman's name and save all of those minor issues.

I think the man could take the woman's last name. Also this is exclusionary toward same sex couples.

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