7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Not Get Married ...


7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Not Get Married ...
7 Reasons Why It's Okay to Not Get Married ...

After five years of dating your significant other, everyone keeps pressuring you to walk down the aisle, but you want them to know why it’s okay to not get married. You love each other and you’re in a good place, so why change that? Getting hitched isn’t for everyone, and you don’t have to be the hippie type to think so! Continue reading if you need some good reasons why it’s okay to not get married to share with your interfering family!

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Love is More than Paper

You don’t need a piece of paper to show how much you love your partner, which is why it’s okay to not get married. You have been together for so long that you already know that this person is your life partner and you don’t need someone else telling you this. Yes, you may want to get a will written in case something happens, however, you don’t need the system to tell you how much you are connected with your significant other.



Marriage vows are supposed to be forever, “till death do us part” and “for better or worse," however more and more couples are getting divorced and some shortly after they say, “I do.” The meaning of marriage just seems to be thrown around too casually by so many; it’s more about the wedding instead of the commitment after. You don’t need that and would rather stay in the comfortable relationship status you are in now, than worry about having the divorce word being thrown around. But, if you were to break up, you could and you wouldn’t have a bunch of lawyers to deal with!


You’re Not Ready to Settle down

So, maybe you aren’t in a committed relationship because you’re happy just dating, and that’s okay. You’re a career woman, and a go-getter who doesn’t have time to settle down, buy a house, and do “couple” things. You like to be free, hang out with your friends, and just do things spontaneously. You want to see the world and may share it with someone special, but then again you may not!


People Expect You to Have Children

So the first question about your relationship is, “When are you getting married?” and the next is “When are you having children?” So to avoid the second question, you would much rather avoid the whole getting married thing all together! You don’t want to get married and you’re okay with not having children as well. Damn these people and their invasive questions!


You’re Not Husband or Wife Material

When you get married, people expect you to be a certain way, and sometimes your partner starts acting this way towards you as well. They may not mean to, but it just happens! However, you just don’t feel like you’re husband or wife material. You don’t want to pick up after someone because you’re the “wife,” and you don’t want to fix things around the house because it’s what “husbands” are supposed to do! People also expect you to be there at every event together because you’re married now. It’s just not the kind of pressure you want on your relationship. You’re okay with not getting married, why can’t they see that?


Weddings Are Stressful

Not only are weddings stressful, but they can be expensive too. However, even if you have a small, backyard or city hall wedding, it can still be a stressful ordeal. If you just want that city hall wedding, you get comments from family and friends as to why you’re not having something bigger. You don’t need this stress, so you’d rather just skip the wedding and keep the commitment you already share.


It’s Your Life

Don’t let others get in your head and play mind games so you change your opinion on getting married. This is your life and if you don’t want to get hitched then you don’t have to. You love your life and don’t want anything to change; what is so difficult to understand about that?

Not everyone has to agree with your choices of why it’s okay to not get married, but they should respect your decision. Are you someone who agrees with these reasons as to why it’s okay to not get married?

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