7 Reasons Why You Are Still Single ...

By Vladlena

Do you worry about the reasons why you're still single? I know you might feel like everyone else in the world is paired off into couples except for you, but don’t worry there isn’t anything ‘wrong’ with you. There are simply some good reasons why you are still single. Sometimes you might feel like you are ready to commit to someone but your relationship status seems to never change so you keep asking yourself one question: ‘Why am I still single?’ It’s time we end your confusion and reveal the potential reasons why you are still single.

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You Are Afraid of Rejection

Fear of rejection is a common problem that prevents many from advancing in their romantic life and it may be one of the reasons why you are still single. Putting yourself out there and exposing your feelings makes you feel vulnerable. Not everyone is willing to risk getting hurt, which is why many of us hold back from making the first move. Rejection however, is inevitable so unless you want to remain single for the rest of your life, stop fearing something that is bound to happen.


You Play Hard to Get

Playing hard to get can make things a little bit confusing to the person you are trying to attract. Flirting one minute and canceling on plans the next is not the way to attract your Mr.Right. Plus mixed signals are way too easy to get tired of, to the point that someone you actually really like might be frustrated enough to stop pursuing you. So if you feel like there might be something going on, admit to your feelings instead of playing games.


You Have High Standards

I blame every romance movie for putting the idea of Prince Charming into our heads. From the beginning we were brainwashed into thinking that a perfect guy is out there, giving us false hope that someday we will find someone who will reach our high expectations. In reality those are just unrealistic standards that will never be met!


You Are Hung up on Your Ex

Your prolonged single status might be explained by the leftover feelings you must still have for your ex and the only way for you find someone else, is to move on from the past. There isn’t a deadline by which you must get over your previous relationships but you must realize that some people are not made for each other, and it’s possible to fall in love for the second time.


You Have Low Self-esteem

Countless numbers of people want a fulfilling relationship more than anything, but they have this certain belief that nobody out there would ever be interested in them. This negative mental thinking only makes you engage in behavior that pushes other people away. Drop the idea that nobody worthwhile will ever see you as someone to date and instead, work on your confidence!

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You Have Commitment Issues

You may not realize it yourself, but you might actually have serious commitment issues; because you are afraid of getting emotionally attached, becoming dependent on the other person or most importantly hurt. Consequently, you avoid any long-term relationships and resort to light and casual fun. To overcome your fear of commitment, take chances and put faith in someone because you never know, maybe they might not disappoint!


You Value Your Independence

Many people are too much of a ‘free spirit’ to be tied down to one person. They don’t want to have to be responsible for another person, be obligated to spend time with them or have to think about how their partner would feel in a certain situation. If this is the case, this phase may soon die down because we all settle down at one point or another!

Whether you are single by choice or not, there is always a clear explanation as to why. You might not be in the right mindset or stage in your life to start a blossoming relationship. How would you explain your single relationship status? Share in the comments!

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How about because you have chosen to be?

I hav been single for 17 yrs 2Yrs after separating, I was hit while driving

people like me remain single becuase we love casual dating and feel no need for anything seriousness now or ever , doesn't mean regectiin issues , it simply means we are content within and everything around not needing personal validation from a relationship which is the summ of about 99 percent of relationships because people fear being content in life without some stupid man around . that's just co dependence issues . being single rocks ,fuck relationships ! find oneness with all and everything first , and divine contentment with all and all people and stop seeking a desperate ploy to feel whole within through someone else , instead, find it through your self and with nature and realize that every relationship you ever had was because you were trying to find whole ness you have not with yourself and with nature because you ignore self seeking dummy after dummy , see why you chose these idiots and you will seer all along what you were searching for In your self

why don't u dummy women stop blaming men for your issues , you manifest your own suffering by keeping mind identification with the past letting it keep controlling you . when you stop living in the past and accept you can't change it and stop letting your past dictate your future . you will then find happiness and experience new by being the now ! not ten years ago !quit whining , face yur fears and turn them into fearlessness , empower yourselves !take out yor judgements , expectations and let a date be what it will without desire to make it something it's not through expectation and assumptions . get out of yor over analytical minds and quit being whiny despo cunts blaming men for yor issues . in true you are the cause and effect of all you do . all responded here do everything that repel men not draw them in . the art of being a women is being a goddess of light not a whiny judgemental despo . yeilding to that which you even despise not just with men but in life it self will teach u the path less traveled is true art of being female , for in surrender and allowing a moment to be wherever u are with whom ever lets it be what it is , when free of egos fear , judgement anxiety influence of assumption etc, not be manifested . and if yor on a date I guarantee the new date doesn't want to hear your left over issues from a relationship five years ago ! you dumb broads do yourself in and you have no to blame but yourself . a goddessoflight such asmyself knows everything is so illusion but lives and loves on through it anyway with unconditional love knowing she can be, feel and think anything she wants too creating her own destiny one moment at a time , enjoying the variety that now offers any moment of now . and when you take issue with these men remember it's simply you , all is one and the sooner you realize every moment how your egos mind projection of seperation gets in the way , you'll see those u see a flaw in is simply an issue you have with your own self and how you create your own send suffering . so instead of being as the writer of this article a list soul stuck in her own suffering through my own witness and truly lacking being a goddessoflight , Live and love in oneness through the illusion that egos mind seperation manifests , be all , love everything and everyone ,lov your experiences instead of torturibg your self over the past . you only limit your self , no thing and no one else does . each moment new can be anything , you decide what u make it and whether u let it be what it will when let it simply flow, and let men flock to u by truly being as free as the wind a dad loving not despo and whiny and stuck in the past. yield to and love things as they are , not just in men , but in life it self , for that which you Are most repulsed you may want to see is a blessing in disguise if you look beneath the surface for it's surprise !

I don't think this article hit the MAIN points for being single.

Whoa- why go hating on the writer? This article is aimed at those who ask 'why am I still single?' If you're single by choice then this doesn't apply to you.

I know that (at the moment) I'm single because I'm FOCUSING ON MYSELF. This should have been #1. Love yourself before you put your all into someone else.

Numbers 1 & 5 for me.

Some of the things in this article may be true but I don't like how it places all the blame on the woman.

Single for career options I think, my job make me travel all the time and thats make me dificult to settle down