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9 Reasons to Quit Pushing Your Single Friends to Date ...

By Crystal

Talk to any frustrated single and they'll give you a mile long list of reasons to quit pushing your single friends to date. Sometimes your single friends are happy the way they are. It could also be, they don't need any more pressure to date than they already feel. Before you set up another blind date, consider these reasons to quit pushing your single friends to date.

1 They'll Hang out with You Less

What if your single friends constantly pestered you about something? Would you still want to hang out with them as often? Probably not. If you really like your friend, this is probably one of the biggest reasons to quit pushing your single friends to date. You don't want to push them away. If you really think you've found someone they might like, tell them, but don't push the issue.

2 They May Not Want to Date

Even if you're in a happy relationship, it doesn't mean singles must be miserable. Some people truly are happy having some personal time. They aren't lonely. They're not jealous of your relationship. Instead, they're simply content being themselves and being your friend. Why push when they're happy the way they are?

3 It's Not about What You Want

Some people believe they're matchmakers. They find an attractive person and immediately think of their single friend. What about what your friend thinks? You don't know for certain what your friend wants in a mate. Trust me, they get extremely tired of being set up with people because you liked the person. They want their ideal person, not yours.

4 Makes the Problem Worse

Some singles really are lonely. They feel as if they've failed somehow when all their friends are either dating or married. It's your job as a good friend not to make them feel even worse. The more you push them, the more you make them focus on what they feel is a major failure in their life. Take the time to cheer them up instead.

5 They Have Their Reasons

Have you ever asked a single friend why they're single? The problem might not be that they can't find someone. It could be they're trying to deal with their own issues before sharing a more intimate side of themselves with someone else. It could be a past breakup, financial problems, reaching certain goals or dealing with health issues. Sometimes people are single for a reason and that's okay.

6 It Makes Them Hate Dating

Remember how the more your parents told you to do something, the more you didn't want to do it. Whether it's just to be stubborn or because they're sick of hearing about it, the more you push your single friends, the less likely they are to date. Suddenly, dating becomes a must instead of a want. Don't turn dating into a chore for your single friends. Give them some peace and let them enjoy it on their own terms.

7 They'll Ask if They Need Help

I had times where I wasn't interested in dating at all. I had other things I wanted to focus on. Yet, a few of my friends kept pushing me. I told them I appreciate their concern, but I'd ask them if I need their help in this area. Believe me when I say, your friend will ask for your help or advice if they need it. Forcing it on them will just make them ignore you.

8 You Could Push Them into a Bad Relationship

Some friends feel obligated to date this incredibly wonderful person you picked out for them. While the person isn't bad, they're not exactly the right one. Instead of breaking it off, they continue to date the person, hoping they'll see whatever it is that you see. In the end, they waste time on a relationship that's not right for them. Wouldn't you rather your friend be single and happy than in a relationship that makes them miserable?

9 It Ruins Friend Time

While we all love gossiping about our relationship issues, focusing solely on grilling your single friends about their non-existent dating lives isn't fun for anyone. The more you push, the more you ruin your time together. You could be laughing, enjoying hobbies and even casually hanging out where your friend might meet someone. The pushing just ruins all the fun.

It's perfectly alright for your friends to be single. If they want to date or ask for your help, then suggest people who might be a good match and explain why. Otherwise, just continue to be their friend and treat them as if you were single too. Do you hate it as a single when your coupled friends push the dating issue?

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