7 Reasons Why You Should Not Give Your Heart Away ...


Ladies, I’m sure you have all seen the movie The Ugly Truth and learned that you should not give your heart away to a man too easily. Men fall in love with their eyes, whereas women fall in love with their ears. Dating should be a journey; don’t rush to give your heart away so quickly. Here are some reasons not to rush into a relationship.

1. Men Are Lustful

One of the biggest reasons not to give your heart away to a man so quickly is because men are lustful. Don’t get me wrong, not ALL men are lustful, but the majority of them fall in love with a woman’s body and image before falling in love with her personality and qualities. A relationship takes time and must therefore not be focused solely on being physical and lusting for each other. You should wait before opening up and giving him your most precious gift ever…your heart.

You Will Get Hurt


Maquittia Tolliver
This is so cool, I've starting following my logics first then my feelings before reading this and it really backs off the wrong guys to mAke room for the right one
@Ine Van Tuijl lol 😉
soo true
Ine Van Tuijl
I still need my heart to make my blood circulate.... Silly joke. 😆
Amazingly said
Catleya Gaddi Avestruz
be ready for the next..
So true!!
Im gonna be 22 and have never been in love because of these reasons. This couldnt be more true
I gave my heart away too quickly to my ex and got my heart broken. Never again
Really helpful thanks
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