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17 Reasons You Need to Toss the Idea of Mr. Right ...

By Lyndsie

How many of you are looking for Mr. Right? How about Ms. Right? How many of you are playing the dating game right now – maybe casually, maybe seriously, perhaps somewhere in between – hoping that the next person you meet will be The One? Well, let me make a radical suggestion: stop it. You need to ditch the entire idea of Mr. Right or Ms. Right. Hear me out, I think some of these reasons are really compelling. What do you think?

1 Who Says There's Only One Mr./Ms. Right?

black and white, film noir, emotion, film, People, You change and grow and evolve throughout your life, which means that the person who's right for you now may not be right for you in five, ten, or twenty years.

2 It's True That a Watched Pot Never Boils

teddy bear, toy, ese, Meaning, you are far more likely to find love when you stop actively looking for it – maybe not always, but this seems to happen quite often.


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3 The Idea of Picking Someone “right” is Too Much Pressure

person, “Right” is subjective, after all, and it's hard to feel like you're gambling with your future every time you go on a date with a potential Mr. or Ms. Right.

4 Literally No One is or Will Ever Be Perfect

black, white, person, hair, painting, There's also this absolute fact – perfection is unattainable, not to mention undesirable for most people.

5 Mr./Ms. Right Probably Comes with Conditions

wilderness, erriyn, Feee.zeNBLA, Since perfection is simply impossible, it makes sense that even when you meet the right person, her/his “rightness” will have a few conditions.

6 Searching for Someone Perfect Will Make You Feel Defeated

person, performance, art, musician, singing, Again, there's no perfection, so searching for it will just bring you down and make you feel like you're doomed to be forever alone – and you're not, I promise (unless you choose to be, of course).

7 It's Also Pretty Demotivating for You and the People You Date

person, facial expression, poster, emotion, album cover, Think about it – every time you date someone who, for whatever reason, isn't Ms. Perfect or Mr. Right, you'll feel terrible and they probably won't feel too great, either.

8 It's Okay to Have Fun While You're Dating, You Know

eyewear, vision care, person, glasses, eye glass accessory, Even if you want to meet someone special and settle down, you can still date for fun – and it's possible that you'll find what you're looking for while you're enjoying yourself.

9 You Might Pass over the Wrong Person While You're Looking for the Ideal

person, facial expression, emotion, film noir, You, See, if you turn down dates because you just don't think a person is exactly right, you might miss out on something – and someone – amazing.

10 Looking for Mr./Ms. Right Can Make You Pass up a Lot of Potential Partners

person, emotion, Why, nice, people, In fact, being so single-minded can blind you to some pretty incredible things.

11 Mr./Ms. Right Won't Necessarily Always Be Right

film, action film, didn, call, because, The person who's right for you might actually be the exact opposite of what you always thought you wanted.

12 You Shouldn't Pin All Your Hopes on the Idea of a Person

black, white, person, painting, photograph, Pinning your hopes on an idea instead of a reality is always a bad idea.

13 You Shouldn't Pin Your Happiness on the Idea of a Person, Either

person, black and white, film noir, emotion, gonna, And you don't need someone else to make you happy – pin your happiness on yourself first, always.

14 Another Person Won't Complete You

person, facial expression, emotion, film, No matter how much you've idealized your own personal Mr. or Ms. Right, that person isn't your missing piece – you have to seek your own completion.

15 You Might Be Expecting a Little Too Much

emotion, You're, supposed, the, leading, I'm absolutely not saying your expectations are too high or that you need to lower your standards, I'm saying that the very idea of having a Mr. or Ms. Right is full of expectations.

16 It's Kind of an Outdated Idea, Anyway

hair, person, hairstyle, black hair, beauty, Well, it really is – although I suppose that depends on your definition of Mr./Ms. Right.

17 Plus, Someone Can Be Perfect for You without Actually Being Perfect

person, nose, finger, black hair, singer, And this person will be the most perfect person of all because their imperfections will match up with yours.

What do you say, stalkers? Are you ready to ditch the idea of Mr./ Ms. Right?

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