Love Language 7 Ways to Love Someone with Physical Touch ...


Love Language  7 Ways to Love Someone with Physical Touch ...
Love Language  7 Ways to Love Someone with Physical Touch ...

Want to know some ways to love those with a Physical Touch Love Language? Loving your partner is easy, but loving your partner in a way that he/she feels loved is a little trickier. Dr. Gary Chapman developed the 5 love languages so that people could improve their love lives. These languages are categorized in ways that every person expresses and receives love: Physical Touch, Quality Time, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, and Words of Affirmation. Communicating our love language will help us know what we expect from a love pairing and what our partner can do to make us feel secure in love. The Physical Touch love language symbolizes that this individual uses their body language and touch to make a love connection. Here are 7 ways to love those with a Physical Touch Love Language.

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Kiss Hello and Goodbye

This is a standby of most relationships, but for those who value physical touch, kissing hello and goodbye allows your partner to feel the love as soon as you are together and as soon as you separate. This is one of the best ways to love those with a Physical Touch Love Language.



Give your partner unconditional and nonsexual time to cuddle. Take away phones and other technology and find the time to just embrace your partner with your touch. Try not to make this overly sexual and just allow your partner to feel secure.


Brief Touch

When you are out and about with your partner and doing separate things, whether you are out at a bar or at a family Christmas, take some time in passing to just check in with your partner. A kiss on the cheek or a hand on the back and a quick hello makes your partner feel close to you and secure while you are operating the room in two different social circles.



Taking the time to touch your partner’s body in a way that shows you care about his well being is an excellent way to show your love. Willingly give your partner a back rub while you are in bed or watching a show and watch the smile on your partner's face shine.



Sometimes in a romantic relationship other more advanced ways to be intimate with your partner overshadows the hug. However, taking the time to hug your partner will signify care and closeness.


Hold Hands

You don’t have to be high on the PDA spectrum when loving someone in this way. Just grab his or her hand every once and awhile while walking into a store or from dinner. This will instantly ease your partner’s emotions and instigate intimacy.


Holding hands may seem simple, but it's a profound gesture that bridges physical and emotional connection, creating a sense of security and belonging. Whether it's a gentle squeeze during a movie or a comforting clasp in a moment of need, the warmth of your touch speaks volumes. It's a silent way of saying, "I'm here with you," reinforcing your bond with every intertwined finger. So, don't underestimate this tender act; it's a powerful expression of love that can deeply resonate with someone whose love language is physical touch.


Choose Close Distances

You’re standing in the living room and your partner is on the couch but that comfy blanket is on the chair, what do you do? Loving with physical touch in mind means go grab the blanket, sit next to your partner and share the blanket (extra points if you put your arm around him). This choice may seem trivial to you, but to choose the chair may signify to your partner that you’re emotionally distant.

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