Short Story: Relationship Abuse ...


1. At Tom's Dorm

"I love you, Ally. I love you more than I thought it was possible to love another person. I can't live without you. I'd kill myself if you left. You know I would."

When Tom finished his little speech, he reached out a hand to push back my hair. I flinched when I saw him move, saw the flash of veins in his muscled arms, but I ended up letting him do as he wanted. "I know," I said.

"I don't think you do." His hand lowered to cup my cheek. "If you did, you wouldn't be acting like this. I said I was sorry. I mean it. It's not going to happen, again."

"Okay," I said, but I kept my eyes directed at the floor. My vision was still blurred from the tears.

He moved closer, with his lips this time, and I managed to keep myself from flinching again. After all, I knew what he was doing. What he always did after a "fight."

He placed a gentle kiss on my forehead, and then on my nose. "Ally. I love you."

"I love you, too," I said, trying to ignore the sting of my cheek and the blood crusted across his knuckles.

On Campus


Wow we are allys and we are hella unlucky girls i guess, it also happened to me
My heart is broken, there is no trust. Why do I still believe he will change?
Why is it so hard to see through them??
This is exactly what happened to me and my name is Ally too
Mary Cook
Amazing message
This goes for emotional abuse too! I was in a relationship for almost 2 years and he was so manipulating and had a way with words. I clung to every word he ever said to me but still cousins figure out...
lovely story and great advice!!
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