7 Signs You Are in a One-Sided Relationship ...


If you think you are in a one-sided relationship, you might need to walk away because itโ€™s the road to misery. Being in a one-sided relationship can leave you feeling like your relationship needs aren't being met because you feel like you are the one doing all the work. Its time to discuss your feelings with your partner if you recognize any of the signs are in a one sided relationship.

1. You Initiate Communication

You have to initiate text messages and phone calls to him. If you donโ€™t do it, you would never hear from him even if several days have gone by. If you leave voicemails, you have to call back repeatedly because he never returns your calls. Text messages can go unanswered for days because he just doesnโ€™t have time to respond. You may be in a one-sided relationship if you always have to be the first one to make contact.

Dates Are Rare


Boys are so oblivious and insensitive! ??
Merarri Martinez
@immissoni, Be proud of yourself that you took control of your happiness!!
Merarri Martinez
@patricia, When you love someone so much like you do-You make the decision to love yourself more than the other person. You tell yourself that you deserve better when you try to talk yourself out of leaving him. Don't waste your life loving someone in a one-sided relationship.
Arlene Cajucom Garcia
I am in one sided relationship :(
I left a relationship that kind of felt like this! Now I'm Free!!!! :)
omg my husband n I have been married 23years n it's always been if we wasn't workin then when u seen one u seen us both n he would always touch me now never touches me n if I try touching him he acts ...
Neecey Beresford
@Michelle , There's a fix available now - please go to app update.
Neecey Beresford
@a2mk, There's a fix available now - please go to app update.
there are many missing sentences, please fix this right away! I'm missing great information
where was this article when I met my husband ? lol this is sound advice
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