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7 Signs Your Relationship is Rock Solid ...

By Alicia

There are certain signs your relationship is rock solid that you can look for to tell you where you stand with your guy. It is always good to know that you are on the right path and that things are going well. Seeing these signs your relationship is rock solid can give you the reassurance that everyone loves to feel about their relationship. It is always great to know where you stand, especially when it is on the right path.

1 There is a Good Feeling between You

One of the signs your relationship is rock solid is that there is a good feeling between the two of you. There is no tension or sense that something is wrong. Things feel comfortable between you. This is not an action either of you take to create. It is something that just occurs when your relationship is on the right path.

2 Your Guy Says He is Happy

If your guy says he is happy, it is a great sign that your relationship is rock solid. Men are generally pretty honest in their feelings. Saying he is happy has no meaning other than the simple one. He is happy with you. If you hear this from your guy, you know things are going fantastically.

3 His Family Tells You He is Happy

If you have had your guy’s family tell you that he is happy with you, that’s a wonderful thing. They know him. They have seen him in past relationships. They know when he is happy and when he isn’t. Hearing this is very validating that things are going great.

4 He Wants to Be with You

If your guy wants to be with you, take that as a sign that things are going wonderfully. Guys that are not happy do not want to be with the woman in their life. They want to get away from her and they find lots of reasons to stay away. If your guy wants to do things with you, you know that your relationship is rock solid. Enjoy that wonderful feeling.

5 He is Tuned in to You

When a guy is tuned into you, it is a sign your relationship is rock solid. He cares about you and your feelings. He knows when something is amiss. More than that, he wants to know what is going on and how he can help. A caring guy and a rock solid relationship go hand in hand.

6 He Talks about a Future with You

If the guy you are with talks about a future with you, you know your relationship is rock solid. He sees himself in your future and you in his. He wants to share life with you. This is true whether you are dating or married. Planning for the future means that your relationship is on very good footing.

7 You Have Contentment in Your Relationship

Being content in your relationship is something that can’t be faked. When you are content, there is nothing you want to change. You love how things are. You love how you are as a couple. This is a sign that things are going wonderfully between you.

These are 7 signs that your relationship is rock solid. You don’t have to have all of them to be in a relationship that is going great; having just a couple is enough. Do you see any of these in your relationship?

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