7 Signs Your Boyfriend is a True Gentlemen ...

By Alicia

If you are curious about what the signs your boyfriend is a gentleman are, this is the article you need to read. A gentleman is what most women want to have in a partner. Sadly, true gentlemen are few and far between. If there are signs your boyfriend is a gentleman, hang on to him because you have got a rare find.

1 He Always Pays

One of the signs your boyfriend is a gentleman is that he always pays. It isn’t wrong for you to pick up the tab every once in a while if you wish but a true gentleman would much rather that he be the one to foot the bill for any date you go on. A gentleman would never take a lady out without the means to pay for the date. This is one way of letting you know he cares for you.

2 He Opens Doors

A true gentleman will open doors for you. I know that we ladies know we are fully capable of opening our own doors. but a true gentleman would rather do it for you. If he does this, appreciate this habit in him. If you continue to allow him to do so, he will most likely do it for your entire relationship.

3 He Respects His Elders

How can you not care for a guy that respects his elders? It is heartwarming to be with someone who treasures their parents and grandparents. You can also tell a lot of about what kind of guy you are dating by how he treats his elders. A guy that isn’t good to others will not be good to you. There may be one or two family members who rub him wrong but if you gauge how he is to others overall, you will have some good insight.

4 He Comes to the Door for You

A real gentleman would never honk the horn for you. He knows you are worth coming to the door for. More than that, he would walk as far as he had to for the pleasure of your company. A small walk to your door is nothing for him. Never allow a man to deny you this courtesy.

5 He Carries Things for You

This is another thing that we women are capable of doing but the fact that you have a boyfriend who wants to carry things for you is a wonderful thing. He sees this as a way he can take care of you. It is a very sweet gesture. If he does this, you can take note of his gentlemanly habits.

6 He Feels Protective toward You

A true gentleman will feel protective toward you if you are his girlfriend. He will do things like walk on the sidewalk next to the traffic. He will want to accompany you if you are visiting a bad area of a town. He just wants to be protective of you in general. This is a beautiful thing that proves chivalry isn’t dead.

7 He Thinks of You before Himself

This is a quality that will bode well for your entire relationship. Thinking of you before himself means that he is selfless. He is caring and will put you first. This makes him very easy to love. It also means that your relationship has a lot of promise.

If you have a boyfriend that is a gentleman, you are lucky indeed. What does your boyfriend do that lets you know he is a true gentleman? I look forward to reading your stories.

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