7 Signs You Are Pulling Away ...


Defining the signs you are pulling away from your partner isn't easy. In fact it can be one of the hardest things to face. If you don't see the signs you are pulling away, your partner probably does. Below, we're going to talk about some of the signs you are pulling away so that maybe you can see them and stop. Especially if you want to be with the person still!

1. You Don't Make Time for Him

You might not realize that this is one of the top signs you are pulling away, but it is. If you don't make time to grow with your partner, how are you going to know them fully? You've got to make time for your partner or at least time for your relationship to make it grow stronger.

You Don't Communicate


Hey Maria! Thanks for writing me back! I'd say honestly just be honest with him, honesty always works best. I would leave the 'bad sex' out, but just state that it isn't working for you and you need to take your feelings into account.
@Heather, Thank you for your answer :) I know that this relationship is not going to work, but I find it very difficult to break up with him. He is a very good person and I don't want to hurt him... T...
Hey Maria! I would, if you aren't compatible sexually, it's not going to work in the future. I'd end it before he really gets hurt.
Hello! I am in a relationship for 6 months and I feel that I am pulling away... Sex is not good and I also like another guy... But I like my boyfriend, too. The problem is that sex is not good and he ...
Question??? I have definitely been allover this site and i have some issue with he guy im seeing now. He is 3yrs older than me a recent graduate form college. Go Him! But i mostly have few big questio...
Hey Kendall! I definitely think that you should! Maybe he is just nervous to text you. I'd text him and see what happens! :)
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