7 Signs You Are Pulling Away ...


7 Signs You Are Pulling Away ...
7 Signs You Are Pulling Away ...

Defining the signs you are pulling away from your partner isn't easy. In fact it can be one of the hardest things to face. If you don't see the signs you are pulling away, your partner probably does. Below, we're going to talk about some of the signs you are pulling away so that maybe you can see them and stop. Especially if you want to be with the person still!

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You Don't Make Time for Him

You might not realize that this is one of the top signs you are pulling away, but it is. If you don't make time to grow with your partner, how are you going to know them fully? You've got to make time for your partner or at least time for your relationship to make it grow stronger.


You Don't Communicate

Another top sign you are pulling away is something as simple as not communicating. You might think that you are communicating everything that you are feeling, but are you truly? Just make sure that you are truly communicating with your partner, that way he knows exactly what you are thinking and feeling!


Your Head is Somewhere else

Is your head constantly somewhere else (or on someone else)? Well, that is absolutely one of the signs you are pulling away that you might not realize. Just make sure that you keep your head in the game and that you do actually pay attention to your boyfriend, that way he knows that he is important in your life too.


You Choose Work over Him

This is something that even I have trouble with. I know that work is important, but one of the top signs you are pulling away could be that you are constantly choosing work over him. Truth be told, it's hard to choose right? Between your career and your guy? Well ladies, you should definitely think about choosing your man most of the time.


You Don't Let Him Touch You

Are you constantly shying away from his touches? Do you just not want him to touch you at all? This could absolutely be one of the top signs you are pulling away from your boyfriend. This is where you'll have to analyze why you are not letting him or do not want him to touch you.


No Affection

This goes hand-in-hand with the no touching, if you are avoiding any and all affection from your partner, it could absolutely be one of the signs you are pulling away. Remember, in order for a relationship to be strong, you've got to have a lot of affection in it.


You Ignore His Calls

Finally, the last sign you are pulling away that we're going to talk about is about you ignoring his phone calls. This can actually cause a bunch of frustration and also can cause a lot of resentment. If you are constantly ignoring his phone calls, it's definitely a way to pull away from your man.

Guys aren't the only ones that pull away, there are also a lot of signs you are pulling away too. Ladies, have you ever pulled way in a relationship? What signs you are pulling away do you watch out for? Share!

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Hi. So I have commented on a few of these things. But I just want more advice. So there is this guy that I've gone to school with from my kindergarten year to my 6th grade year (his 2nd grade year to 8th grade). And when I was in 6th and he was in 8th we got really close. But then he went to high school, and we didn't talk as much. Now I'm almost scared to txt him. But I did see him a day ago at his twin sisters' graduation. So I have had this link to him. But now that both of his sisters are leaving the school, I don't have a link. At the graduation he gave me a hug, and we talked. I wanted to txt him that night, but I thought he might think I was desperate. So I didn't. So should I start txting him again?

Hello! I am in a relationship for 6 months and I feel that I am pulling away... Sex is not good and I also like another guy... But I like my boyfriend, too. The problem is that sex is not good and he has no stamina at all!!! Do you think that I should break up with him??? Please answer... Greetings from Greece ;)

Question??? I have definitely been allover this site and i have some issue with he guy im seeing now. He is 3yrs older than me a recent graduate form college. Go Him! But i mostly have few big questions ...Could they signs be signs of Him pulling away? And are the signs in more gradual steps? (from one step leading to step eight). I know he fantastic person, but i feel like i am taking the lead on our relationship, and im the one that really pushing it. Its not that he not caring or showing little effort; its just, i feel like it is his role to be dominate not mine. Especially when he not the great an omega (supporter). I dont want to be the girl the screw the relationship with a Good Guy. Thanks for your help :)

Same thing happened to me i just didnt realize it

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