7 Signs He Wants to Kiss You ...

By Holly

It's not too difficult to determine if a guy likes you when you're able to spot the signs he wants to kiss you. The difference between men and women isn't all that great, so you should be able to recognize the moves that mean he wants a little loving. Of course, when you have a crush on someone, everything they do can feel like a mystery that's impossible to be solved. If he's confusing you with his actions, here are some signs he wants to kiss you:

Table of contents:

  1. pay attention to proximity
  2. everything's in the eyes
  3. look at his lips
  4. figure out if he's flirting
  5. take the touches to heart
  6. consider his compliments
  7. importance of pauses

1 Pay Attention to Proximity

When you're alone together, how close to you does he choose to sit? If he's far away, then it's pretty impossible to kiss. But if he sits in close proximity, and even has his limbs touching yours, then it could be one of the signs he wants to kiss you. The closer, the better!

2 Everything's in the Eyes

If he keeps glancing down at your lips, it's because he wants to touch them. Of course, he could also want to kiss you if he's staring into your eyes. They might be so gorgeous that he's unable to look away. The face can give a lot away, so pay attention to his facial expressions.

3 Look at His Lips

If his eyes aren't giving anything away, his lips might be instead. If he keeps licking his lips or touching them with his hands, it's a good sign. We subconsciously touch the places where we want to be touched, so he could be ready to plant one on you.

4 Figure out if He's Flirting

If he's flirting with you, then there's definitely some chemistry between you. Don't get so distracted by his beauty that you forget to listen to his words. What he's saying can mean a lot. Pay attention to how playful he's being. If he's way more flirty than usual, it could mean that he's hoping for a kiss.

5 Take the Touches to Heart

If he touches your arm when he's talking, or rests his hand on your thigh, he likes having his hands on you. Giving you little touches is a stepping stone toward giving you a kiss. He's starting small in order to see your reaction. If you're happy with him, then he'll take it as a sign that you're ready for him to make a move.

6 Consider His Compliments

People like to kiss things they find pretty. If he keeps complimenting you, then he obviously likes what he sees. If your personalities work well together, and he thinks you're gorgeous, he's going to be tempted to kiss you.

7 Importance of Pauses

There's a difference between awkward pauses and pauses filled with sexual tension. When there's a pause in conversation, what happens? Do you feel like you want to run away, or do you want to get even closer? Make sure you pay attention to what the two of you do during those pauses. If you're staring at each other smiling, then there's a good chance of a kiss coming.

If a guy shows only one of these signs, it might not mean much, but if a few of them are true, then the chances are high that he wants his lips pressed against yours. What's the best first kiss you've ever had?

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