7 Simple Things to do for Your Partner when They're Unwell ...


Having just nursed my partner through a nasty cold, I wanted to share some simple things to do for your partner when they're unwell. When you're feeling fit and well, it can be frustrating to see your significant other unable to enjoy the day and do things with you. It can depend on how patient your patient is too. If they're like me and hate the idea of being debilitated and having to slow down, then it can be a challenge to nurse them back to health, but here are some simple tried and tested things to do for your partner when they're unwell, which will perk them up and set them on the road to recovery.

1. Favourite Foods

What are your partner's favourite foods? If you don't know yet then find out. This is one of the things to do for your partner when they're unwell. Whether it's their favourite ice cream, chocolate or other treats, spoiling them with their favourite foods will make them feel better in an instant and will show that you care. After all, if you can't have a little of what you fancy when you're feeling blue, when can you have it?!

Hot Bath


Cathy Ross
Therefore, making you even sicker than you were before the massage. You can, however have a Reflexology Treatment (working the hands & feet) which helps to restore stasis in the body.
Cathy Ross
Because it moves any infection through your body faster with the increased blood circulation and your immune system may not be able to keep up with the increased infection moving through your body.
@crystal im curious too
@crystal, why will it make it worse??
so I'm a massage therapist giving someone a massage when they are sick it will make it worse
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