Stop! ⛔️ These Things Are Killing ☠️ the Romance 💖 in Your Relationship 👫 ...


As a relationship progresses it’s easy to get comfortable – too comfortable. You expect things simply because they’ve become a habit. You stop doing little things for each other – things that meant more at the beginning of your relationship. So the romance may already now be a flicker. Sure you still love each other but love needs romance. There are things to do that will set the romantic flame burning again and there are things you should definitely stop doing:

1. Popping Each Other’s Pimples

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Number one on the list of things that kill romance is when couple’s pop each other’s zits! Sure, some women have a kind of weird fascination and satisfaction for popping their partner’s pimples, but it’s hardly a prelude to a night of passion is it? No matter how much you want to deal with that pesky zit yourself, instead just tell him about and let him pop it himself. Keep your hands for more amorous activities!

Leaving the Bathroom Door Open


Sarah John
I am a pro in bed :)
Rana Taha
There is nothing wrong with living a happy and your own relationship with your man. Not everyone is the same :)
Kirsty TK Phan
I definitely don't agree with these list. Eating off each others plate is something you can do together. My partner loves it that I feel comfortable to do that.
So what if people do these things? I'm pretty sure there are a lot far worse/weirder things that couples are doing that make these seem like normal.
Amy N
so judgmental
Eww Swete-Cheeks - you think it is ok to pop each other's pimples and leave the bathroom door open. Gross.
I don't agree with all of these
My boyfriend and I have been doing most of these for years and we are in a very happy and healthy relationship.
Good article 👏🏼
Anabela Do Rosário
I agree with @simply tiins. I don't think any of these ruin a relationship.
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