14 Sweet Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts ...


14 Sweet Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts ...
14 Sweet Personalized Valentine's Day Gifts ...

The perfect way to add some sweetness to the upcoming love filled holiday is to get your special someone one of these personalized Valentine’s Day gifts! I love receiving personalized presents for any occasion. Having an inscription or personal touch adds an incredible amount of sentimentality to a gift that just makes me cherish it deeply. I am hoping for some personalized Valentine’s Day gifts from my husband this year. Fingers crossed!

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Personalized Bar Necklace

fashion accessory, chain, jewellery, Chloe, Julia, Carry your love’s name near your heart with this necklace. It comes in several colors and you can add anyone’s name to it in a simple font that is easy to read. The necklace is small and dainty so it’s great for anyone, even those who don’t always wear jewelry.
$19.50 at amazon.com


Customized Wooden Picture Frame

photograph, picture frame, wedding, wood, ceremony, This is a great way to declare your love for each other. Order the frame with your names engraved right into it. Make it even sweeter by inserting an adorable photo of the two of you before you wrap it up.

$29.99 at ‌ ‌ amazon.com


I Love Your More than…Candle

candle, lighting, mason jar, food, decor, There’s got to be so many things you love more than your significant other. Put that sentiment on a candle so he or she knows just how much you care. For example, you could say “I love you more than pizza,” or “I love you more than cake.” Super cool, right?
$24.00 at amazon.com


Our Story Sign

text, advertising, font, banner, brand, This is a really cute way to remember all the dates that are most important to you. Showcase those days for everyone to see on this cute wooden sign that you can hang in your house. Anyone will smile when they see this.
$36.50 at amazon.com


Lovers Crossroads Photo

text, picture frame, font, illustration, number, When you order this personalized gift, you get to see just how you combine with each other to form the perfect couple. What better way than to put your names on street signs that come together forever?
$35.00 at amazon.com


Custom Cutting Board

wood, food, chegan, many, If your lover is a chef, he or she won’t be able to get enough of this cutting board with your names on it. You can even add an important date or a design that means something to you.
$25.00 at amazon.com


What I Love about You Fill in Journal

product, magenta, brand, WHAT, LOVE, This fun journal gives you a great chance to fill in the answers with all the things you love best your significant other. It’s really fun to record your answers about each other and then share it when you’re done.
$9.95 at amazon.com


Fun Water Bottle

product, toy, bottle, lighting, drinkware, Everyone should be drinking plenty of water on a daily basis. Remind the one you love to sip often with this customized water bottle.
$14.90 at amazon.com


Photo Travel Mug

purple, violet, product, drinkware, mug, Carry each other with you wherever you go by sliding a cute photo into this personalized travel mug.
$9.99 at amazon.com


Romantic Wildlife Photo

picture frame, painting, art, modern art, wood, It’s not a good idea to go carving your name into a real tree, but this photo lets you do just that. And the best part is that you don’t have to hike back to the mountains to see it.
$49.95 at amazon.com


All Because Two People Fell in Love

text, font, calligraphy, blackboard, signage, You’re in love, right? So why not share that with anyone who comes to your house with this personalized plaque? It has a sweet sentiment and allows you to add your names and a date.
$49.97 at amazon.com


Couples Keychain

keychain, fashion accessory, chain, You’ll always carry the keys to each other’s hearts by carrying this set of couple’s keychains. The silver is neutral and is great for both men and women.
$6.95 at amazon.com


Custom Slate Posters

bag, leather, fashion accessory, wallet, brand, Everyone wants to keep their drinks off the table and what better way to show you understand than some really awesome slate coasters? These really soak up liquid and look fashionable at the same time.
$19.95 at amazon.com


Mr. and Mrs. Mugs

yellow, bottle, glass bottle, drinkware, food, If you’re married, these mugs are a fun set to add to your collection at home. You can bring them out to toast Valentine’s Day or any other special day.
$19.95 at amazon.com

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