Temptations You Need to Resist when in a Relationship ...


If you want your relationship to have the best chance at a future, then you need to resist these temptations. Some of them happen in the beginning of a relationship and some of them are for all throughout your relationship. Don’t worry if you’ve done some of these in the past. Every day is a new day and you can have a fresh start!

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Moving Too Fast

One temptation at the beginning of a relationship is to move too fast. Give yourself time to decide if you like this guy. He may not be what he seems at first. Give your relationship time to bloom naturally. It’s always better when things happen the way they’re meant to instead of being forced along. If you’ve already moved too fast, you can still choose to slow down now.


Making Him Your Whole World

I think that every girl has dealt with this temptation at times. But it isn’t one that pays off. You don’t want to lose yourself in your relationship. Make time to go out with your friends and enjoy your favorite hobby. No matter how much you love each other, you need your own identity, too.


Bashing Your Guy on Social Media

Your guy just did something that convinced you that he’s the biggest jerk in the world. You want nothing more than to bash him publicly. Don’t do it, ladies! It may feel good in the moment but you’ll regret it when you make up. Not only does it hurt his feelings but it paints your relationship in a negative light.


Being Rude to His Friends and Family You Don’t like

So your guy has this friend or family member that you don’t love. Maybe they’re bossy or rude or just plain irritating. It’s okay that you don’t like them but it’s not okay to be rude to them. If they’re truly the way you think they are, then your guy will see their true colors in time. Trust me on this one.


Expecting Him to Always Take Your Advice

It’s great to talk and share the things you’re facing in your life with your partner. It’s okay to offer advice, too. But don’t be offended if your partner doesn’t take it. Remember that you’re two unique individuals and you have two unique perspectives on life. Your advice may not feel right to him and that’s okay.


Treating Him without Common Courtesy

This one is easy enough to fall into. It seems like the ones we love the most often get the worst side of us. I’ve been guilty of this myself. But it’s not a good decision. The one you love the most deserves more courtesy and kindness than anyone else on earth. If this is something you struggle with, know that you can overcome it.


Sleeping Together before You’re Ready

One thing you absolutely want to avoid is sleeping together before you’re ready. Make sure you’re ready for this step. The right person won’t rush you. It’s a big step in your relationship so make sure you feel right about it. Another good point on this subject to remember is to always practice safe sex.

These are 7 temptations you want to avoid in your relationship. Which ones are most difficult for you? I’d love to hear from you!

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The rudeness towards family is true. One of my brothers ez did that to us else a day we gave her the silent treatment. Guess who won in the end we did. He kicked her to the kerb and she was crying like a baby. Hopefully she doesn't take this bad behaviour with her to another relationship. Remember blood is thicker than water.


Good advice, I think I've done all of these at one point in the past and it never ended well

Does everything has to be done by a girl side and the guy shound be neutral.... I never see any guy trying to protect the relationship

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