The 7 Dumbest Reasons Why Men Have Dumped Women ...


Unfortunately, men don't always have good reasons for leaving. Sometimes, they think of any old excuse to become single, again. According to Imgur, here are a few reasons why men have dumped women:

1. Because of the Moon Landing

Because of the Moon Landing

Everyone has their own beliefs and conspiracies.

Because of Her Pronunciation


@Lois, I agree I would do the same if my BF does all those
Honestly, some of these are legit reasons lol.
Dated a guy that would throw trash out on the ground I ck
Not breaking up, but a guy wouldn't date me because I was a virginπŸ˜‚ he said it would become too much effort and I told I'm glad I'm a virgin otherwise I might be stuck with youπŸ‘Œ
Pat M
This stuff would make me nuts too!
peony blue
Hahaha really????
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