10 Pros Cons of a Love Triangle ...


10 Pros  Cons of a Love Triangle ...
10 Pros  Cons of a Love Triangle ...

With all of the different relationships out there, it's hard to sit down and actually come up with the pros and cons of a love triangle. If you're considering getting into a situation where you are dating two guys or two girls at the same time (or one of each if you want!) and they all know about each other, you might want to take a look at my list of the top 10 pros and cons of a love triangle. These types of relationships can work, but they can take a lot of time too!

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Pro: Tons of Emotional Support

When you are in a love triangle, one of the biggest pros is that there is typically a lot of emotional support! This is one of the pros and cons of a love triangle that keep people in these types of relationships (or dating situations!). You have two different people supporting you at the same time, that's awesome!


With two people who genuinely care for you, the complexities of a love triangle can often translate into an abundance of love and attention in your direction. This means double the affirmations, double the comfort during tough times, and potentially, double the companionship. Of course, this emotional boon can be positively overwhelming and incredibly validating, making you feel wanted and cherished from multiple angles. However, it's essential to navigate these waters with caution, as the emotional high can sometimes obscure the need for decisive action and clarity in the relationship.


Con: Emotions Can Overwhelm You

Being in a love triangle is hard, I'm not going to lie to you. The emotional strain can be difficult and while you have that emotional support, the emotions can still overwhelm you sometimes. This is especially true if you've got to make a decision about dating one person over the other (or if you are thinking about ending one relationship in favor of the other).


Pro: You Know the People Very Well

Typically, when you are in a love triangle, you know the people pretty well. You've either been friends with them or you have gotten to know them as you go on dating them. That's a great pro! To have two people in your life that mean the world to you is honestly awesome and it's rare to have!


Con: Someone Can Feel out of the Loop

There is always that 'third wheel' type of feeling when you are in a love triangle type of relationship, so you've really got to make sure that everyone involved in your dating situation or relationship feels on the same page. This is probably the biggest con of these types of relationship and it's almost unavoidable.


Pro: You Can Be Honest

This one all depends on the type of relationship that you have. Because you are already dating two people or are in a relationship with two people, you can be honest and open. Typically, in these relationships, there is the most honesty. Just remember, you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings during your honesty.


Con: Love Can Get in the Way

If you start out just dating two people and that is the love triangle you are in, love can get in the way. Let's say that you end up falling for one of the guys or girls you are in a relationship with, but you don't necessarily have the same strong feelings for the second person. That's a hard conversation.


Pro: Fulfillment

When you are in a love triangle, it can feel really fulfilling, especially if you are one of those people that really needs a lot of attention and needs someone to lean on. This type of fulfillment is healthy and great, if your relationship works well!


Con: It Can Get Messy

I know what you are thinking, aren't all love triangles already messy? Truth be told, no. Not all of them! Some of them work great and everyone feels included and feels in the loop. If you are in a love triangle where nobody is on the same page though, that's hard and it can get really, really messy, really quickly.


Pro: Physical Satisfaction

Of course, with relationships and dating come sex, so when you are in a love triangle, physical satisfaction is important in anyone's life. For you, being able to have sex with two people at the same or different times is awesome! Remember though, this is a pro but there are cons to it if you aren't careful and protect yourself.


Con: It Can Break up a Friendship

Finally, if you are in a love triangle with a couple of your friends, you've got to realize that it can actually break up your friendship if it doesn't work out. Is that something that you are willing to risk? Are you going to allow that to happen?

So girls, these are all of my pros and cons to a love triangle. I support these types of relationship, even though I know I couldn't be in one. Have you ever been in a love triangle?

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Rarely this type of situation ends up well.

@Heather Jensen no prob heather great work

Good article but maybe pros and cons of a polyamorous relationship would be a more suitable title

I was in a love triangle before but the thing is I was in love with both of them

This is bizarre. I don't know how anyone could do this.

The way you describe it, it sounds like a threesome or some type of open relationship. When I think of a love triangle, I think of someone being torn between two partners, but in the end, the person chooses one over the other. Someone, if not everyone, will get hurt in a love triangle.

Another big thing to touch on is the jealousy that can happen. It's the worst.

When I think of love triangles, this is not the type I usually have in mind...

The correct term for this relationship is polyamory

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