How to Avoid Losing Yourself in a Relationship ...

By Alicia

Do you feel like you need to know some ways not to lose yourself in a relationship? That can easily happen if you aren’t on guard against it. You’re so in love with this amazing person and they just seem to fill up your world in all the empty spots. While that’s a wonderful thing, you still need to be you and know some ways not to lose yourself in a relationship.

1 Keep up Your Friendships

One of the ways not to lose yourself in a relationship is to be sure to keep up your friendships. It’s great when you find someone who makes you happier than you ever dreamed that you could be but you don’t want to drop your friends. They’re important in your life, too. Make sure you still find time to go out for a girls' night. You’re always going to need your friends.

2 Don’t Give up Your Interests or Hobbies

It’s not a good idea to give up your interests or hobbies because you’re in a relationship. Your interests and hobbies are part of what makes you who you are. They’re part of the completely interesting person that caught your boyfriend’s eye in the first place. Continue to pursue your passions. It’s insurance that you’ll continue to be your own unique person.

3 Share Your Opinions

It’s great to be agreeable but you don’t want to totally forfeit all your opinions. It’s okay to say where you want to eat or share your views on any given subject. You don’t have to agree with your boyfriend all the time. It’s important that you agree on the important things, such as shared morals and other subjects that really matter. But when it comes to matters of opinion, be yourself.

4 Don’t Drop Everything for Him

Of course you want to spend lots of time with this fabulous new person you’re dating. That’s absolutely normal. People who are in love want to be together, but it’s wise to not get in the habit of always dropping everything for him. If you already have plans, don’t cancel them. He can wait till you’re free to see you.

5 Don’t Be a Clingy Girlfriend

It can be very easy to fall into the trap of being a clingy girlfriend. It isn’t wise to do this. You begin to lose yourself and guys usually find clinginess to be a turn-off. Stay confident and stay classy. Those traits will draw him back to you time and time again.

6 Do Things Together That You Both Enjoy

It’s perfectly okay if you want to watch football with your guy or head out to the golf course with him. But it’s okay to do things you want to do sometimes, too. You can have him go watch a chick flick with you or visit your favorite coffee shop. If he’s not interested, that’s okay. Go with some girlfriends or by yourself. Just don’t give up doing things you enjoy.

7 Appreciate Your Individuality

No matter how deeply you love each other or how much you totally get each other, you and your boyfriend will always be two different individuals. That’s absolutely okay. It’s good that you’re different. Your differences can complement each other. They can actually make your relationship much richer.

Have you ever felt you were losing yourself in a relationship? How did you get back on track? Share your stories here.

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